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IM Moulthun Ly

Target Students:

All Skill Levels

Service Description Price
Hourly Rate for online lessons I use chess.com or ICC for lessons alongside Skype or other video client $50.00
Two Hour Session Great for committed students, I can cover concepts in more depth and you will be able to learn even more. $100.00
Three Hour Session Long sessions are great for covering key concepts thoroughly and in great detail. We will be able to do much more in the timeframe by learning, applying and then practising what you have learnt. Excellent way to train your focus and game endurance. $150.00
Tournament Preparation 1 hr - Having someone prepare you for an important event can make all the difference to achieving a positive result. $50.00
Training Games + Feedback 1 hrs - It's great to reinforce key opening and middle-game concepts learnt by playing out practise games. You can choose the time control to suit. $50.00
Game Analysis 1 hrs - I will look over your games with you explaining important points and giving clear ways to improve. $50.00

About Me:

Title: International Master (1 GM norm)

Fide Rating: 2467

I'm here to help you discover your true chess potential. If you are passionate and committed to improving your gameplay, I will be able to help.

Chess is one of my greatest passions and I continually coach & play competitively also. It brings me great joy to teach a game which has also brought so much to my life. It is wonderful to watch the progression in my students as they develop and improve over time. With some determination and willingness to work hard, you will find yourself improving whilst picking up heaps of useful knowledge. 


I am also Co-Founder and writer for 50 Moves Magazine. An online chess publication, established to make quality chess material more accessible to kids and to help inspire and educate the next generation of Australian players. It has great material written by a passionate team of young players, highly recommended for all Australians. You can find out more at 50movesmagazine.com

Firstly, not every chessplayer is the same and I get that. I always tailor lessons according to the abilities and interests of the individual. It's important for both student and teacher to be communicating on the same level and I aim to make concepts clear and easy to understand.

I will help improve your opening, middlegame and endgame play by introducing various tactical and strategical concepts/themes, giving clear examples and explanations along the way. You will be able to develop a opening reportoire that is suited to your level and playing style. Knowing the key ideas and plans to execute way alog the way. I think that a key part of improving your classical chess is to develop your ability to do long-term critical thinking. So it is vital to make sure everyone is absorbing the same details of every position. 

I have also been a coach at the Australian Juniors and Junior Elite training Squad (JETS).

I still play chess tournaments often and some of my most notable achievements are listed below:

- Australian Junior Champion 2005 (Aged 13)

- Australian Open 2011 (Equal 1st)

- Australian Blitz and Rapid Champion on multiple occasions

- Sydney International Open 2014 (1st place)


If you are interested - leave me a message here or send an e-mail to: moulthun.ly@uqconnect.edu.au

I will get back to you as soon as I can, Thanks!


You can also book a time with me after letting me know at. https://calendly.com/moulthunly


Lessons can be done online or over-the-board if travel permits.

Payments are via Paypal or Bank transfer (Please email me for details)

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