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GM Yaroslav Zherebukh

Target Students:

All Skill Levels

Service Description Price
Online chess lesson, 1 hour $50.00
Online chess lesson, 1,5 hour $70.00

About Me:

Dear Friends,

     I'm a GM from Ukraine Yaroslav (Yaro) Zherebukh, currently studying at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX, USA. I'm available for online coaching. Experienced player, GM since 2009, qualified to 1/8 of the final in the World Cup 2011. I have been training and working on chess with such great players as:

  • Alex Onischuk (FIDE 2667)
  • Anton Korobov (2720)
  • Baadur Jobava (2693)  

and many others.
    Now it's time to share my knowledge that I've got from them with you! 
About my services:

     1.     Leave me a message here at Chess.com or/and send an email to: 


2.     Afterwards, I answer you and we schedule the time of our training session. 

3.     Make a payment to my PayPal account: 


4.     We have a training session at scheduled time.

5.     I use Skype and Team Viewer for giving lessons, and require my students to have them. These programs are free to download. 

Ask for your trial lesson at just $30!



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