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GM Yaroslav Zherebukh

Target Students:

All Skill Levels

Service Description Price
1 lesson 1 hour of coaching tailored to your level, goals and areas of improvement. $75.00
Block of 5 lessons paid at once Includes homework (on demand). $335.00
Block of 10 lessons paid at once Includes an access to my own opening files and databases. Homework on demand. $645.00

About Me:

Dear Friends,


     I'm a GM Yaro Zherebukh, currently studying finance at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX, USA. I'm available for online coaching. Experienced player, GM since 2009, qualified to 1/8 of the final in the World Cup 2011. I have been training and working on chess with such great players as:




 Alex Onischuk (FIDE 2667)






Anton Korobov (2720)






Baadur Jobava (2693)  






and many others.
Now it's time to share my knowledge that I've got from them with you! 
  About my services:






     1.     Leave me a message here at Chess.com or/and send an email to: 












2.     Afterwards, I answer you and we schedule the time of our training session. 






3.     Make a payment to my PayPal account: 












4.     We have a training session at scheduled time.






5.     I use Skype for giving lessons, and require my students to have it. 

















1. Q: What software do you use to conduct your lessons and what I need to have to start having lessons with you?






A: I use Skype and different platforms such as chess.com, ICC (chessclub.com), and ChessBase. You just need to have Skype account and add me to your list of contacts. My Skype username is muscleman-bukh.






2. Q: What is your approach to coaching and what we will be studying?






A: After a quick test of your level, which includes two short blitz games, I will tell you what major weaknesses you have. Then, we will cover briefly all topics you struggle with during our first lesson. After the first lesson, we will go into greater details and will improve your openings, tactics, and endgame skills.






 3. Q: What is the method of payment and do you have any discounts?






A: I accept payments through PayPal. My PayPal account is yarozherebukh@gmail.om. Payments should be made using this email address prior to the beginning of the lesson. You may notice that I charge $75/1 hour, and I make a discount in case of prepayment for 5 lessons or  10 lessons at once. In both cases, you save $40 and $105, respectively.






 4. Q: I would like to add 200-300 points to my rating within a year. Is that possible after having one hour of coaching with you every week?






A: If you are below 1700, then the answer is yes. Also, you have to be dedicated and spend at least several hours on chess weekly on your own. If you are above 1700, a realistic goal will be 100 or 150 points within a year, taking into consideration regular weekly trainings with me and on your own.






5. Q: Can I call you and inquire more about the details of your lessons?






A: Yes, absolutely! You might call me at






(+1) 806-445-4011 in USA. Also, you can add me on Skype and call me whenever you see me online. My Skype username is muscleman-bukh.


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