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Computer Workout (Key Positions)

All good chess players know how to recognize key patterns and positions that occur in their games. The Chess.com Computer Workout tool helps you improve your knowledge of key positions by setting you up to play these key positions against the computer!


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PositionDifficultyAttemptsStart Workout
Rook and Pawn Endings, Frontal Attack 4 Intermediate (1400-1800) 7,130 Premium Only
Rook and Pawn Endgame, Umbrella Method Intermediate (1400-1800) 7,124 Premium Only
Rook and Pawn Endgame, Outside Passed Pawn Intermediate (1400-1800) 6,646 Premium Only
Rook and pawns v. B+N Intermediate (1400-1800) 4,433 Premium Only
Rook Behind Passed Pawn Intermediate (1400-1800) 4,167 Premium Only
Rook Ending up 2 Pawns Intermediate (1400-1800) 5,042 Premium Only
Rook Freezing Two Pawns Intermediate (1400-1800) 7,858 Premium Only
Rook v. R+N Intermediate (1400-1800) 2,525 Premium Only
Rook vs. Bishop Intermediate (1400-1800) 3,955 Premium Only
Rook vs. Knight Intermediate (1400-1800) 3,701 Premium Only
Rs and Opp Bs Down a Pawn Intermediate (1400-1800) 3,290 Premium Only
Same Colored Bs: Majorities II Intermediate (1400-1800) 3,372 Premium Only
Same Colored Bs: Majorities Intermediate (1400-1800) 4,005 Premium Only
Same-Colored Bs +2 Pawns Intermediate (1400-1800) 3,778 Premium Only
Same-Colored Bs Gruenfeld End Intermediate (1400-1800) 3,237 Premium Only
Scotch Gambit Trap Intermediate (1400-1800) 8,883 Premium Only
Shouldering the King Intermediate (1400-1800) 8,289 Premium Only
Simple Zwischenzug Intermediate (1400-1800) 7,243 Premium Only
Space Advantage on K-side Intermediate (1400-1800) 3,835 Premium Only
Square Clearance Intermediate (1400-1800) 8,778 Premium Only
The Distant Opposition Intermediate (1400-1800) 8,506 Premium Only
The Greek Gift Intermediate (1400-1800) 7,377 Premium Only
Time to Win with a Rook Pawn Intermediate (1400-1800) 6,171 Premium Only
Tricky Triangulation Intermediate (1400-1800) 8,636 Premium Only
Two Extra Minors Intermediate (1400-1800) 3,326 Premium Only
Two Minors v. a Rook Intermediate (1400-1800) 7,082 Premium Only
Using an Outside Passer Intermediate (1400-1800) 5,417 Premium Only
Using an Outside Passed Pawn Intermediate (1400-1800) 4,970 Premium Only
Using Ra8 Pa7 Intermediate (1400-1800) 3,287 Premium Only
Weak Dark Squares Intermediate (1400-1800) 3,404 Premium Only
Winning A Bishop Ending With Two Pawns Intermediate (1400-1800) 4,697 Premium Only
Winning with a Knight Pawn Intermediate (1400-1800) 5,677 Premium Only
Winning with g+h v. h Pawn Intermediate (1400-1800) 9,034 Premium Only
Winning With Knight and Two Pawns v. Bishop Intermediate (1400-1800) 4,277 Premium Only
Winning With Opposite Color Bishops Intermediate (1400-1800) 3,854 Premium Only
Winning with Queen v. Pawn Intermediate (1400-1800) 5,111 Premium Only
Winning With Rook v. Pawn Intermediate (1400-1800) 7,824 Premium Only
Winning With the Rook In Front of Your Pawn Intermediate (1400-1800) 6,081 Premium Only
Zugzwang With Pawns Intermediate (1400-1800) 8,339 Premium Only
2 Knights v. Pawn Advanced (1800+) 10,704 Premium Only
2 Rooks > 1 Queen Advanced (1800+) 7,115 Premium Only
3 Minors v. Queen Advanced (1800+) 5,920 Premium Only
A Common K-Pawn Structure Advanced (1800+) 4,294 Premium Only
A Common K-Pawn Structure II Advanced (1800+) 3,210 Premium Only
Active R down a Pawn Advanced (1800+) 4,604 Premium Only
B End Down a P: Centralization Advanced (1800+) 3,969 Premium Only
B v. P: Colle Advanced (1800+) 3,459 Premium Only
B+N Ending: Majorities II Advanced (1800+) 3,336 Premium Only
B+N Ending: Majorities Advanced (1800+) 3,219 Premium Only
Backward e7 Advanced (1800+) 3,656 Premium Only