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'700 Opening Traps' by Bill Wall

  • Submitted By: BadGambit
    Submitted On: 7/6/11, 2:35 AM
    Category: Opening Study Tools
    Publisher: offthewallchess.com
    OS: Requires a PDF reader.
    License: Free
    Filename: 700_Opening_Traps.zip
    File Size: 3.2024MB
    Downloads: 23360
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I came accross this eBook on Bill Wall's site offthewallchess.com. Bill Wall is a well known chess writer and his book '700 opening traps' is available as a free download from the website mentioned above, as well as his many other books and articles.



The following examples are taken from the chapter dealing with some traps in the Queens Gambit Declined. I've made working examples (thanks to chess.com) as a guide only, to help show you what you can gain from reading the book and working through the notation.

Example #1

Example #2

Example #3

Example #4

Example #5

Example #6

Example #7


Thanks again to the author of '700 Opening Traps' (Bill Wall) for allowing me to upload the book to chess.com!



  • by ctchesscom

    Very good, I learned a lot. Keep up the great work.
  • by Samantha212


    Thanks Bill for making this book available.  Very helpful.  Would highly recommend.

  • by Waseemvnb1


    Thank you very much.. Its much apreciated..

  • by mehd872


    Excellent!... thanks! Laughing

  • by DuncanNefcy

    Do you know where I can download the book/PDF? The link doesn't seem to work Yell

  • by kingpin2012

    thanks sir
  • by isogchessacademy

    Thanks a ton for posting... very very useful for our students

  • by bwinner1

    thx very much for that. its very good for me

  • by GearyCheng

    I want PGN version, which is more eaiser to understand

  • by HRDARJI

    Is there any PGN version available????..  bcz pdf is very time consuming.

  • by pauix


    I've watched a random page and I've already found some traps I've fallen into. This will be very useful for me, thanks a lot for posting it!

  • by diogens


    Fantastic. TYVM

  • by ozfamilyman



       and the site http://www.offthewallchess.com/ is great too

  • by Loufoque


    Thanks for this jewels, also for the line web!



    I learn again and again!

  • by billwall


    I am working on a PGN version.  Will have one available shortly as I enter the games in PGN notation.  I realize I made a lot of typos.  They will be fixed in the PGN version.

  • by BadGambit


    Thanks again Bill.
  • by thijs69


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