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Chess Internet Toolbar v.1.1

  • Release Date: March 2011
    Submitted By: chessplayerRO
    Submitted On: 3/5/11, 12:05 AM
    Category: Other
    Publisher: Dan Gurgui
    OS: Windows
    License: Free
    Filename: Internet_Chess_Toolbar_v11.zip
    File Size: 2.604MB
    Downloads: 732
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Cu un singur clic accesaţi paginile sitului ! With a single click go site pages !

Cautaţi cu Google din orice pagină web. Search with Google from anyweb page.

Partajaţi pagini web prin intermediul poştei electronice. Share web pages via email.

Vă puteţi informa despre noi versiuni ale barei. You can learn about new version of bar.

Actualizare bară automată. Update bar.

 Cerinţe de sistem. System requirements:

Windows Vista/2000/XP

Internet Explorer 6+


Google Chrome


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