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Chess Pairing (English Version)

  • Submitted By: chessbot
    Submitted On: 5/13/07, 2:53 PM
    Category: Tournament Management
    Publisher: Harald Lgdahl
    OS: Windows
    License: Free
    Filename: chessp.zip
    File Size: 2.139MB
    Downloads: 9267
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Makes pairing with Swiss, Nordic Swiss and Monrad

This Windows-based program is for free and has been available inthe Swedish language on the site www.schacknyheter.com for several years. It has been used for example in a bigschool-competition in 2000 with over 600 players in different groups.The only problems that occurred in this competition was that the Bucholtz calculation where incorrect for two players, but this is ofcourse impossible in this upgraded version.


  • by sixhobbits

    This does not seem to work for 64-bit operating systems. After much searching and many downloads of inadequate or broken software, I found Sevilla. It's a great Windows application for Swiss Chess Pairing and can be downloaded for free from http://www.jbfsoftware.com/

    It asks for a registration code if you want a tournament of more than 25 players, but this is also free. Just follow the instructions.

  • by SamuelPH


  • by Reneshin

    Sir, I have downloaded your program, but how do I run it?

  • by slavisa


    It does not seems to work... I put names and rating and it never start for swiss
  • by aktifsatranc

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