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chess puzzles mate in 2 - 135113 puzzles

  • Submitted By: sathish434
    Submitted On: 11/10/12, 11:39 PM
    Category: Database Programs
    Publisher: sathish434
    OS: windows
    License: Free
    Filename: mate_in_2_part_1-8.exe
    File Size: 3.7851MB
    Downloads: 3101
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135113 mate in 2 puzzles pgn format

do you want download cbh (chessbase) file format go to this site


you can also download this puzzle from above site. thanks to that site and author of puzzles.


  • by gsxlm

    It's helpful for me.Thanks!

  • by Henryk_Poznan

    Anotherbaap True U wrote, but we wasting time looking for more  stupid things :)

  • by Anotherbaap

    Life is too short for these puzzles
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