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Chess.com Notifier Add-on for Firefox

  • Release Date: Novemeber 2009
    Submitted By: lajos88i
    Submitted On: 9/4/11, 11:16 AM
    Category: Other
    Publisher: Martin , deExaminer
    OS: Win 95/98/XP/Vista/7
    License: Free
    Filename: chesscom_notifier-05-fx.zip
    File Size: 20.2129KB
    Downloads: 858
  • 1 vote: +++++


The Chess.com Notifier Add-on for Firefox checks regularly whether it is your turn in one of your current chess.com games. It then notifies you by displaying a little icon in your Firefox status bar. A double-click on this icon directly brings you to your next ready game.


Please download the newest version from HERE (Mozilla Addons) and follow Firefox's instructions to install (click Install). Please note that the add-on is still in beta-status, meaning that it might contain bugs and might not always work as intended.

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