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Chess.com/TV Group Tournament

  • Release Date: December 2011
    Submitted By: ChessMarkstheSpot
    Submitted On: 12/28/11, 8:25 AM
    Category: Database Programs
    Publisher: ChessMarkstheSpot
    OS: Any program able to use PGNs
    License: Free
    Filename: TV_Group_Tourney_Rd_2.zip
    File Size: 3.9023KB
    Downloads: 2865
  • 2 votes: +++++


   Here are the 30 games from Round 2 of the The Official Chess.com/TV Group's Internal Tournament. They are zipped up, placed into one PGN for easy access. You need an unzipping program to access the contents of the ZIP file and a program that reads PGNs. Chessmaster or any Chessbase product will do as well as SCID or any other PGN reading program.  Cool


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