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Houdini 1.5

  • Release Date: December 2010
    Submitted By: rybka3dynamic
    Submitted On: 12/21/10, 8:58 AM
    Category: Playing & Engines
    Publisher: Robert Houdart
    OS: win XP/Vista/7(32 bit)
    License: Free
    Filename: Houdini_15_w32.exe
    File Size: 943.5KB
    Downloads: 45375
  • 15 votes: +++++/-


Houdini 1.5 is widely considered to be the strongest chess engine on the planet. Houdini 1.5 is ranked #1 on the leading IPON computer chess rating list, 50 Elo ahead of Rybka 4 and 100 Elo ahead of Stockfish 1.9 and Critter 0.9.


  • by sp1234

    is it the full version

  • by 3cardmonte

    norton anti virus determined it is not safe...?

  • by Niels_Rosbach

    Thanks for the help with how to install it with i.e. Arena in the early posts.

  • by DrFrank124c

    I installed it in Scid vs PC without any problems. And Houdini beats me everytime!  

  • by Fide_Master_Title


    First time i feel sure getting the right results by analysing variations.

  • by chess_vcr

    I have arena 3.0, not able to use it, it does not suggest me the move, 

  • by niceforkinmove

    Here is how to install it in scid



  • by rishikeshwaran

    how do i analyze games????

  • by WilliamDadis

    is it working?

  • by level28

    Hey guys, I don't have any other programs. What should I have so I can make this engine runs?

  • by bwinner1


  • by LightningVYG7Majoris


    Best engine ever!!!
  • by Danmarino900


    I get the exact same thing you have. I am 32-bit windows vista and this still happens to me.

  • by red___knight

    what about a 64bit pc?

  • by sudhan7blue


    really nice

  • by nyLsel

    it works for me now in Arena

  • by SonicX2121

  • by Minivans

    can u just install and use

    it if u have chessbase

  • by D_Clarke

    my friend have gave me arena 3.0 free, but i'm stuck with other game include on arena like houndini, rybka etc and i don't understand his language cos of he come from russian. he does play chess with me at the chess club.  all i know is already inside the playarena disk that how i install it. i'm stuck with other program that need to install on arena i'm not very good explain. i'm profoundly deaf and could use help! please and thanks!

  • by arashafshin

    Could anyone please help me?

    I installed the Arena, then the engine is connected now to Arena , and I imported a PGN of my current games to the Arena. Now How can the software help me to analysis the game ? is it possible to show me the best move?

    I would appreciate if answer me. thanks

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