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Rybka - World Champion Chess Engine

  • Submitted By: chessbot
    Submitted On: 5/15/07, 8:42 PM
    Category: Playing & Engines
    Publisher: RybkaChess.com
    OS: Win 95/98/XP/Vista
    License: Demo / Trial
    Filename: Rybka_v2.1c.demo.w32.exe
    File Size: 4.4648MB
    Downloads: 9851
  • 3 votes: +++++/-


Rybka is a standalone UCI chess engine which can be used to play chess games or to analyze chess positions. It is the World Computer Chess Champion several times over!


  • by Convolvulus

    Very good to jam against.

  • by Educated_Fool88

    Guys , this http://www.rybkachess.com/index.php?auswahl=Installation will help some of you how to install rybka. You need GUI ( graphics user interface )Cool

  • by Gano123

    What playing program do i need to run rybka.I am just getting a black screen.

  • by rdpenev

    This is chess engine, you need playing program to run it.

  • by prithvi007


  • by hentener


    If this same uci engine which i think is then download it as its very good even at the one sec move limitation however a uci engine you have to run on a fritz arena shredder jose infinity  mayura ok thats 6 programs of which 4 are free to download hey go to the rybka site download rybka 2,2n2p for free no limitations by the way rybka aquarium 3 demo uses rybka 2.1c at 2sec amove limitation a bit stronger with a built in book everyone should download all the great free programs i listed have fun.

  • by binsley7

    Didn't work for me, just gave me a black screen

  • by chessfanforlife

    it doesnt work
  • by aktifsatranc

  • by Fellippo

    It has no mistake
  • by bendcat

    This program is very nice.
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