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Two Readers Endgame Blindfold Training (book)

  • Release Date: June 2012
    Submitted By: mrdimosthenis
    Submitted On: 6/8/12, 10:37 PM
    Category: Lessons & Training
    Publisher: Mathematician Dimosthenis Michailidis
    OS: any
    License: Free
    Filename: Two_Readers_Endgame_Blindfold_Training.zip
    File Size: 158.3926KB
    Downloads: 5724
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This book is a collection of 120 endgame chess positions. At every position the player who plays first has a winning advantage and it is easy to find the solution. I suggest this book to those who wants to extend their blindfold thinking skills.



Two readers train each other in this way:

In the first phase, they choose their roles. One has to be the attacker (the player who plays first and has the winning advantage), the other has to be the defender.

In the next phase, they take a look at the current endgame position and they are trying to memorize it.

Finally, without having visual contact with the endgame position, they start to play by announcing their moves.




  • by gsxlm

    Two Readers Endgame Blindfold Training.pdf

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