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first ever Worldwide Chess.com Meetup Day!

Submitted by Xavi_P on 3/22/11, 1:16 PM.

Barcelona meet up

Start Date/Time: Apr 16, 2011 at 10:00
End Date/Time: Apr 16, 2011 at 13:00

   Cafè del Centre
   C/ Girona 69
   Barcelona‎, Barcelona‎, 08009

Map it!

Chess.com ha organitzat el Meetup Day, la primera trobada a nivell mundial d'escaquistes, pel proper dissabte 16 d'Abril. Ens anima a reunir-nos, cadascú al seu poble o ciutat. Des del Team Catalonia i el FC Barcelona us animem a participar en aquest esdeveniment en un lloc cèntric de Barcelona, on alguns ja ens hem trobat en altres ocasions.

el dissabte 16 d'Abril de 2011 
a partir de les 10 del matí i fins al migdia
al Cafè del Centre (C/ Girona 69, Barcelona‎ 08009 )

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Porteu taulers, peces i rellotges. Podrem fer unes partidetes, xerrar i passar una bona estona.

Per apuntar-vos cliqueu aquí: 
Unir-me al Meetup de Barcelona

Interior del Cafè del Centre


The first ever Worldwide Chess.com Meetup Day!

Chess.com is all about providing the most amazing online chess experience. But that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the thrill of playing in person!

On April 16, Chess.com invites everyone to get together at a location near you and share in the magic of the game - offline!

Join your local Chess.com Meetup!

To make this happen, we've created our own channel at Meetup.com. Here's how it works:

  • Visit the Chess.com Meetup page
  • If there are local Chess.com communities in your area, you'll see them on the map
  • If not, you can quickly create one by clicking "Start a new community" and giving it a name (including your area in the name is a good idea)
  • From your local Chess.com Meetup Community page you'll see details for the first Worldwide Meetup (April 16). It's called "Let's Play Chess!" - click the orange button that says "Count me in"

Once your group has a few members, start using the Meetup forum to discuss where to meet, who can bring chess sets, etc. It's easy! Then on April 16 there's nothing left to do but show up and have fun!

Join your local Chess.com Meetup today!

See you there,

The Chess.com Team


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