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9 year old on her way to the top

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    I know Carissa and her father very well and I can tell you that it was obvious when she was 7 that she would be special.  She uses her time well and never rushes her moves - a rare quality for a young player. She broke 2000 several months ago and has dipped below because she has been playing in the open sections of all tournaments against 2100+ players in every round. She is coached by Larry Christiansan and I guarantee you that if she decides to stick with the game that she will easily break 2200 in the very near future.

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    CrimsonKnight7 wrote:

    I am an old guy, I wish her the best of luck, and MT, perhaps you don't believe your already blessed, but that doesn't make it true.

    Thanks.  At least I have my health....so that's nice.  :(

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    If you were to give thanks, for all the blessings you know about, they would be insignificant compared to the ones you don't even know about. It would blow your mind.

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    CrimsonKnight, you are definitely a "half full" cup kind of guy.  Its refreshing.  :)

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    Shouldn't this forum topic be stuck?

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    "Shouldn't it be stuck?"   Not following you?  You mean like the thread doesn't know where the conversation should go now?

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    Hi there Kohai!  Cool

    @MrT, I think GSHAPIROY meant "pinned" as in keeping it toward the top of the forum list.

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    hreedwork wrote:

    Hi there Kohai!  

    @MrT, I think GSHAPIROY meant "pinned" as in keeping it toward the top of the forum list.

    Oh!  That makes sense.  I thought he meant the thread was getting stuck to the point of people running out of things to say.

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    Mr_Tarkanian wrote:

    Why is it that only young kids get their hearts blessed??  What about us, that were once young kids, but now in our 40's.....Our hearts don't meet the requirement of blessment???  That's a bunch of crap.  :(

    That's not true.  Southerners bless older folks all the time... for example,

    "Look at Uncle Bubba over there picking his nose... bless his heart."

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    True, when older folks get blessed, its usually surrounded by them doing something yucky......."He's a thief, a crook, steals from orphans......but bless his heart!!"

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    nice shizzle

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    im 9 yr old tooo

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    Thanks for posting that. (Enjoyed)

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