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    Chess Notice:

    To all stakeholders in the sports; chess in particular in all Caloocan City (North and South)Both Public and Private Schools.

                    DIVISION 155 series 2013                                                                    dated:Sept. 25,2013

    The  Division of City Schools- Caloocan is holding its Annual  Division Athletic Meet on October 22-25,2013 with advance game on October 16,17,18 and 22, 2013 for Volleyball(Boys and Girls) elementary, Swimming (Boys and Girls) elementary and secondary,Softball (Girls) elementary, Baseball (Boys) elementary and secondary and Arnis (Boys and Girls) seondary.The Formal Opening Ceremony will be held on October 23, 2013,(Wed) 8:00AM at the Caloocan High School Covered Court.

    Enclosure no. 3

    Oct. 12,2013(Sat)             Meeting of all Coaches, Trn Mgrs. &  Asst. Trn Mgrs.and all Officiating Officials>> 8:00am-5:00pm Caloocan HS.                                                   (All Sports Concerned) Palarong Pansangay 2013.


    Event;                                     Venue:                                                Schedule;

    Chess(B&G)E/S                       Caloocan High Rosca hall      Oct. 22- 25, 2013(Tue to Fri)

    Tournment manager:            Ms. Evelyn Rivera

    Asst.Tournament mgr.:         Engr. Juan Tapel Jr./Chief Arbiter

    Chess Officials;                       Richard Perez/Asst. Arbiter

                                                    Mr.Edward Taguiam/Asst.Arbiter

                                                    Ms.Twinkle Fajardo/Steward

    Note:                                       We hope a perfect attendance of all chess stakeholders. Since we have a new chess ground rules to be agreed upon.





    School Year 2013-2014 (With Special Provisions)

    Department of Education Division of City Schools,Caloocan City,Philippines

    Chess Ground Rules

    1.The Round Robin System and/or Swiss System as an option maybe use as a pairing system.

    1.1 Before we have classified our player to Board 1 and Board 2, those players shall join two (2) Groups. Group A and Group B. Board 1 to Group A and Board 2 to Group B.

    1.2- a  Group A will play seven rounds.Group B will play seven rounds.In Group A, the two highest point players will be qualified in the four (4) member team.Likewise , Group B will play seven rounds and the two highest point players will be qualified in the four (4) member team of Caloocan.

    1.2-b (SPECIAL PROVISIONS)  This specific provision only applies to Secondary boys Group A and Group B. Special occasions require special attention.It is not a regular thing heard that an elementary pupil will compete among high school students.Our presidence is the case of Grandmaster Mark Paragua .Second best kiddie chess player in the world at age ten who played in the Palarong Pambansa during his elementary days.Our very own Palarong Pambansa Elementary  Champion Mark Anthony Medina will play now  among our Secondary Boys as a regular player. Since he cannot play among the elementary division anymore  because of age limit provisions.

    In our standard to pick the best players of Caloocan , a divergence to regular practice  or an exception to the rule shall be adopted.The 7 full rounds will still be followed .However,it will be 8 rounds for all secondary boys but the first round will not be played instead draw shall be allocated to all secondary boys of Group A and B combined ,among team members Board 1 and Board 2.Now the perfect score for our secondary will be 7.5 points. All the rest of the Division Family and Cluster shall play  their regular  7 rounds and the perfect score is 7 points.

    1.3 To determine the ranking of the members of team specifically Board 1, Board 2,Board 3,Board 4.Group A highest points  versus Group B highest points.(Best of 3). Winner between the two will be awarded as Board 1(Gold Medalist ) and the loser Board 2 (Silver Medalist).Group A second highest points versus Group B second highest points (Best of 3) Winner between the two will be awarded as Board 3(Bronze Medalist) and the loser becomes Board 4 (Reserved or Alternate Player) (Also Bronze).The  four members of the team has the right to represent our city to the next level of competition which is the Regional Meet, also called NCR Palaro 2013-2014.

    1.4 Individual medals shall be awarded according  to the ranking namely: Board 1 Gold Medalist , Board 2 Silver Medalist ,Board 3 Bronze Medalist , Board 4 Bronze Medalist (Reserved/Alternate).

    1.5 The coach(teacher) shall be selected according to the performance of the player based on the final ranking and with the discretion of higher authorities ;Regional Board representing Caloocan Tournament Manager.(Sir Buddy F. Arcangel Division PESS Supervisor).

    Game Rules

    Each team is required to bring at least one chess clock/digital chess timer and one chess board(Eureka Official Tournament Size) to be withdrawn and deposited from the equipment storekeeper and after the games.

    A.      NOTATION :Recording of move is compulsory. A draw or repetition of move can only be claimed if moves are recorded on the scoresheet of the player claiming draw.

    1.Recording of moves in algebraic notation is mandatory until the last FIVE (5) MINUTES in each clock or timer upon player which reach 5 minutes may stop recording.(Panic Time)

    2.A player who neglects to write down more than one move will be warned by the Arbiter/Steward.If  the same violation is committed after the warning is given, a 5 minute deduction on his time will be imposed.For the third violation he will be declared loser by forfeiture.

    3.Illegal moves(penalty) and touch move rules also follow 2 minutes plus for good players and for more than 5 minutes;2 minutes deduction for bad players.

    4.Use of chess clock or timer is compulsory and the hand used in moving the pieces shall also be the one use in pressing the clock or timer..

    5.Each player shall be given one hour and five minutes to finish the game.A player whose flag falls and /or reaches zero shall be adjudged the loser provided his opponent has sufficient mating force.

    6.The Arbiter is empowered to declare a game drawn if in his judgment player is trying to win on time alone.

    7.No player can win by time forfeit if he does not have any mating material/s.Should his opponent oversteps the time limit in trying to execute a mate ,the game shall be declared drawn.

    8.It is the responsibility of the player to inform the Arbiter that flag of his opponent has fallen down or reached zero in the case of a chess digital timer.

    9.Use of mobile phones(cellphones,tablets or any electronic devices) inside the tournament area is strictly prohibited.Players with mobile phones must turn them off while playing.A player who will violate this rule shall lose his/her game by forfeiture.

    10.Players must observe proper dress code while playing.

    11.The decision of the Chief Arbiter on the point of law shall be final.

    12.Any protest on the Chief Arbiter’s decision on a point of fact must be made in writing and submitted to the Appeals Committee immediately after the conclusion of the game in question.

    13.The members of the Appeals Committee shall be appointed by the Chief Arbiter and the Organizing Committee and announced before the start of the competition.

    14.Computerized pairings in case of the Swiss System shall be done through the Swiss Pairing Program.Protest on the pairings will not be entertained.

    15.Players are not allowed to eat or drink at the playing area while the game is in progress.However,he/she may ask the permission of the chess official to leave for his /her purpose on his/her own time.

    16.Players who had finished their games should vacate the playing area immediately after signing their scoresheet and return the equipment used.(Chessclock/Digital Timer) to the officials.

    B. The sequence of tie-breaks shall be as follows:

    a.Winner over the other (Direct Encounter)  b.Median  c.Solkoff  d.Number of wins with black pieces    e.Kashdan System(Number of won games).

    * The defaulting time is 30 minutes on the officials clock of the concerned player/s.A double default may apply. 

    Collatila: All other matters not covered in this rules shall be decided by the Chess Technical Committee.The organizer ( Tournament Committee) reserves the right to amend or after any provision of the above mentioned Rules and Regulation.

    Prepared by: Engr. Juan Tapel Jr.                                                                                                                                            Dep-Ed Division ChessTrainer and NCR Palaro Arbiter

    Chess Game Schedule>> Elementary Girls and Boys

    Venue: Rosca Hall, Caloocan High School, Caloocan City, Philippines

    Note: All time schedule are tentatively set. On October 22,2013 >> 2 games shall be played as advance games. Defaulting time is 30 minutes on Official’s Timer.


    (Game 1 – 8 am)         Round 1 (Tentative time)

    October 22,2013(Tuesday)  Elementary Girls (Group A)/Board 1 players                                    Result

    Table1            North 1 – North2                                          1-5(PairingNo.)

    Table2            North 4 – North3                                           6-2

    Table3            Aromar – Tanque                                          3-7

    Table4             Pobcaran – ISVBL                                         8-4

    October 22,2013(Tuesday)  Elementary Girls (Group B)/Board 2 players                                    Result

    Table1             ISVBL  – North1                                             1-5(PairingNo.)

    Table2            North 3 – Aromar                                          6-2

    Table3            North2 – Pobcaran                                       3-7

    Table4              Tanque – North4                                          8-4










    (Game 1 – 8 :15 am)   Round 1 (Tentative time)

    October 22,2013(Tuesday)  Elementary Boys (Group A)/Board 1 players                                   Result

    Table1             North 1 – SCAA                                             1-6(PairingNo.)

    Table2             North 4 – Pobcaran                                       7-2

    Table3             Aromar – Tanque                                          3-8

    Table4             North2 – ISVBL                                              9-4

    Table5             North3 – BYE                                                  5-10




    October 22,2013(Tuesday)  Elementary Boys (Group B)/ Board 2 players                                  Result

    Table1             North 2 – ISVBL                                            1-6(PairingNo.)

    Table2             Tanque – Aromar                                          7-2

    Table3            North1 – Pobcaran                                       3-8

    Table4             North3 – North 4                                           9-4

    Table5             SCAA – BYE                                                     5-10


    Note: All pairings are based on team and individual ranking last year. Good news is that we are Palarong Pambansa Elementary Boys Champion! We hope to increase our level of participation in the NCR chess team delegation to the Palarong Pambansa.! One out of 8 delegates to 4 out of 8. Game Schedule and Pairing of Secondary Girls and Boys soon to follow…

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