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James Bond is an 'impotent drunk'

  • 22 months ago · Quote · #81


    Yes, Lou, for his eyes only, yes, but only after we came in from the cold. He offered me the world, but I said, "James, the world is not enough." He left muttering something under his breath that sounded like, "You only live twice," which made no sense to me at all. I think he was still whoozy from his operation.

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    Abre cadabre is arab for " i create as i speak". Muttering can be as powerful as screaming. You are dealing with a genius there, so watch your every step.

  • 22 months ago · Quote · #83


    Watch even the watch and trust nothing.

  • 22 months ago · Quote · #84


    Same shot same scene but  5 mins. earlier , during rehearsal. James , pissed of course , forgot about his luggage when he put on his jacket ....

  • 22 months ago · Quote · #85


    ufffff....   alcoholic or not....HE IS YUMMY!!  hahahahaha

  • 22 months ago · Quote · #86


    Bob ? Looks like my Rabbit, floppy, lost him recently, we had a very close bond.

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