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Any Competitor to Monroi Chess?

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    KBachler wrote:

    GM Ken Rogoff is an accomplished economist (Thomas D. Cabot Professor of Public Policy and Professor of Economics at Harvard University) who has also studied applying statistical analysis to chess cheating.  If you search on Rogoff, chess and  cheating I'm sure you'll find many references

     I think perhaps you are actually referring to 'Ken Regan' (and not the economist and chess GM, Ken Rogoff), an IM and a Professor of Computer Science. He's been an advisor to FIDE regarding these cheating scandals and you can find more on his professional work in this area at :



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    KBachler wrote:

    LOL.  Can't believe I did that, but you are correct.  I was actually reading some econ research of Rogoff's about the same time and had him on the brain! 

     No problem -happens to all of us ;> I know Ken Regan and perhaps that's why I remembered, though, like you, I have also been reading stories about Ken Rogoff as well.


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    After lots of reading and analysis, I came to conclusion that PlyCounter is a worthy competitor to Monroi. Both Monroi and PlyCounter have their own advantages. But I feel like PlyCounter has a greater community support although Monroi looks better and has a feature to live broadcast your game from you device. PlyCounter's website plycount.com is clearly better than monroi.com in what you get there - forum and games upload, view. I am particularly impressed with Monroi desktop application that has client version for windows, mac and linux (and I use all the of these OSs everyday - sont ask me why).

    One thing would be great to know is if Monroi records time for each move or not - which PlyCounter does. The other thing is while PlyCounter is 4GB but Monroi only has a 4MB flash memory. So how deso Monroi players store their games? Does the games automatically get saved online at monroi.com in their account?

    So I finally ordered PlyCounter a little earlier for my son. I am wondering if I would order Monroi or PlyCounter if the price of both would be same. I am still not sure but would probably think of buying Monroi if the price would be same.

    So the question is whether you are ready to pay $200 more to buy Monroi where the main thing you gain is live broadcast feature of your game at the cost of loosing the better integration points of PlyCounter (which indicates lot more will be coming in this end from PlyCounter over time while Monroi is realtively stable in growth by now).

    PlyCounter is the winner for me at the current state of offerings between Monroi and PlyCounter. I hope Monroi comes up with more competitive offerings as there is no monoply in the electronic score sheet device market any more.
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    ashikuzzaman wrote:

    So I finally ordered PlyCounter a little earlier for my son.

       Way to go!  Maybe we'll see more reviews on it after you've experienced it for awhile?     Smile

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    Sure, i plan to write a long blog post... :-)

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