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    chesslover156 wrote:

    I am wanting to buy Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition (11th) for PC does anybody have it that no longer uses and is willing to sell? Price completely negotiable!

    Its for a present and i need it as soon as possible 

    Anybody who can help me????? Pretty please?


    Holly xxxx

    I have it, and no longer need it.

    Drop me a message if you still want it, with an offer.

    If you want to do it via ebay I can.

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    pfren wrote:
    baddogno wrote:

    @chesslover 156:  Be a little careful buying a used copy.  Ubisoft has a really nasty surprise if you try to install it for a third time.  Most modern computers now have a "write" capacity on their cd/dvd drives and Ubisoft activates your "burner" and deletes needed files so that your copy is useless.  Don't ask me how I know...

    Nice conspiracy theory... or rather not: too naive to be believable, even by 10-year olds.

    We all greatly appreciate your contributions here.  We also realize that you "don't suffer fools gladly".  Unfortunately it seems there are days when you consider everyone a fool.  Today seems to be one of those days...

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    lucas chess and babaschess for (fics) and Arena for (Fics) are good free programs

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    i think it is worth a try and would still like to buy it if anyone is offering please!!!

  • 11 days ago · Quote · #85


    Lucas chess is the best..

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