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    i like Lucas Chess, specially fics-elo and fide-elo. also played many lucas-elo in version 7 and 8.

    just downloaded latest 9th version. but i dont see what i expected most!

    in lucas-elo my rating would be 1700+

    but the problem is that i need to play 60+ games to achieve that rating!


    because lucas-elo starts at 0. each win gives max 29.  29*60 = 1740

    already made 1700+ in Lucas8, now for Lucas9 i need playing another 60+ games ? for every succsive versions? 

    absurd. can't imagine the developers didn't notice this simple yet important fix still now.

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    EscherehcsE wrote:
    pawpatrol wrote:

    ...Otherwise, Lucas Chess is criminally overlooked by most people.  It does so many things so well it is stunning to me that more people don't talk about it and recommend it...

    Would that be a misdemeanor or a felony? Actually, a number of people in this thread have recommended Lucas Chess.

    Lucas Chess is greeeeaaaat!

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    I know...I love lucas chess from playing training games. I usually play 45/45 and select a random player.   I think this best free software for playing online (fics) is babaschess (1) and arena (2).

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    I cant get lucas chess to do anything.

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    tpb83 wrote:

    I cant get lucas chess to do anything.

    If you could start a new thread so that this thread doesn't get hijacked, someone should be able to help you with your problem.

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    Shredder is also one of the best chess programs.

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    Shredder is not free

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    but i need chess analyzer for java shall know some names of it

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