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Best 5 free Chess Software

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    Thanks for the great responses so far.



    Can you tell me which of these suggestions would let me play offline (alone) ?



    I have a Win 8.1 luggable laptop.  I'm playing at a pretty basic level, but I know algebraic notation and a little theory behind a couple openings.



    My experience with chess programs in the past have been blah freebies like Chess Titans and PawnChess.  I don't need much stronger than those, but a slightly bigger set of features would be nice.


    Thanks again.

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    Lucas chess is great program plus work with the DGT board

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    Your link leads eventually to two downloads:

    InsLucasChess808.exe : May 29, 2014
    I assume the "portable" one is a version that can stay on a stick drive without a true installation and the first one is a full installer.  Is there a difference in features?  Their website is surprisingly simple-looking and doesn't seem to have forum links.









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    @merliUSA, im not sure if there are any difference.

    you can e-mail the author:

    start Lucas chess software > information > Contact.

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    Lucas Chess gives rating for playing engines of different strength. but starting algorithm is too slow - u start at rating 0, get nearly +25 for winning +400 opponent(greater is not allowed), and u have to play 40 games to reach 1000 rating point! -its maybe ok for perfect begineer, but, if some 2000 rated player wants to play his equal opponent he has to win 80 games first! it should be reprogrammed something like chess.com's method: at the beginning u should get/lose 200-300 points.

    and The ScidvsPc should include flag button - now if ur fics opponent's time is over and he continues to play - u can do nothing!

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    You can type flag into the console.

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    And there is no feature difference in Lucas Chess installed vs. portable.

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    thanks pawpatrol. that worked.

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    pawpatrol wrote:

    And there is no feature difference in Lucas Chess installed vs. portable.

    Thanks !

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