Best chess masters biographies?

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    epoqueepique wrote:

    Agree 100 %, and I am very willing to pay.

    What I need are the links or downloadable ebooks...

    For annotated recent games :

    For old games in electronic format, have a look at e-books :

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    rigamagician wrote:

    ChessPublishing, CI and ChessToday materials are available as .pgn files.

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    Fantastic links to e-reader books ! Thank you very much hicetnunc.

    Thanks to you all, I have been able to download thousands of games, and with the e-books on the 2 websites below, I now have enough to keep me reading annotated games for twenty years at least

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    Thanks globstup! hicenunc, rigamagican and epo!

    72 San Antonio, 1979 Montreal (Tal co-author) and London 1980 are good, Leningrad Interzonal 73 the cover is almost gone. Karpov, Korchnoi co-winners and disappointment for an  ill Tal.(the 3 Kortchnoi-Karpov matches are interesting along with Kasparov matches make 20 years of world championship matches. ( Informants 1-80 with great analyzes)

    thanks for the e-book and pgn sites!

    this is the best link line ever...

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    Wittniet, thank you. Philidor is such an interesting person, successful musician, and successful chess player... It seems the book was never translated into any other language than Italian (i love Italian by the way), since 1994 when it was published. Or am I wrong ? I would very much like to read it.

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    "I Was Tortured in the Pasadena Jailhouse!" by Bobby Fischer.  Excellent glimpse into the mind of everyone's favorite schizo woodpusher. American hasn't had such a loon since Paul Morphy was yelling on the streets of New Orleans. 

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    :) thanks !

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