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    Hi there,

    I'm hoping someone could help me with some software.

    Essentially I'm interested in the software that is used when doing streaming/training videos where the narrator or trainer can draw coloured arrows and colour in the background of squares to aid in visualizing the plans or tactics for the position on the board.

    I wouldn't be surprised if it can be done with a standard version of Fritz, but I've searched the manuals and had no success. I find the UI moderately un-intuitive so a hint would be great.

    It doesn't have to be Fritz/Chessbase of course.



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    i don"t believe there is software that is better than chessbase products


    try aquarium

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    Yep, Fritz can do it. From the Fritz 13 manual -

    "Graphic commentary
    The program uses coloured arrows and squares to illustrate tactical points and make strategic themes and plans more clear. You can manually enter these using a combination of mouse and keyboard. Press the Alt key and click a square or draw a line from one square to another. This will give you a green square or arrow. Alt+Ctrl does the same in yellow, use Alt+Shift for red. Clicking on the area around the board will remove the arrows and colored squares. All of this is great for chess lectures."

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    Ha - fantastic!!

    Thanks, it was slightly buried, I didn't think to search on "graphic commentary".

    Thank you so much.



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    Why those three colours? They're not so friendly for red-green colourblind folks.

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    Doesn't really matter because they show up on-screen as shades of gray and they are still easily visible.  I looked at Arena and it doesn't' have that feature.  I'm not familiar with SCID but under Options --> Moves there are some options for showing arrows for variations.  I don't think it's intended for instruction diagramming.

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    Lucas Chess has a cool feature called "Director" that let's you put almost any shape of any color/transparency, etc. on the board as visual aids.  Worth checking out, for sure.

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