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    Hi everyone.

    I noticed on the Apple iTunes store that there is a version of the Chessbase app that allows people to do searchs of positions, players, and other similar functions. I was considering purchasing it but I noticed that there are no reviews at the time that I was looking at it.

    Has anyone purchased the app? Is the app any good? I noticed that Fritz is also available on the iTunes store but some of the comments make me want to avoid purchasing it and just stay with Shredder that I already have.

    Its made by the same company so I am hesitant to find that it suffers from issues the way that some people have encountered with the Fritz app.

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    Hi JoseO

    I have the chessbase app on the Ipad and find it is reasonably useful.  It offers only limited search functionality but, overall, I find it to be good value for the price. 

    I tend to use this app when I am reading through chess books with annotated games.  I put the book and the Ipad side by side.  Chessbase lets you scroll through the games by clicking on the right arrow and I find this is better than having to input the moves myself on a different chess app (I also use tChessPro on Ipad).  It makes it significantly easier to follow the games than just reading through books and looking at diagrams.



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    No, I don't think it will load Pgn files. It basically just lets you review games from the database, which gets regular updates. I think that most good chess engines should let you do that though. From memory tChesspro does.

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    I downloaded it. It is fun to be able to do searchs on player vs player so I got to look up Fischer vs. Spassky both in 1972 and 1992. Granted it is a scaled down version but given that it was $4 or $5 i guess that is pretty good for looking up games.

    One thing I would like to be able to do though and not sure if it does this is to do a search on a player and a certain eco code. Not using the program as I type this so not sure if it is function or not.

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    Btw there is a new update of the Chessbase app that has added some new functionality. Haven't had a chance to check out the new bits yet.

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    From what ive seen it has some pretty bad reviews which is why i haven't purchased it. It only has 1000 games and it crashes alot*from the reviews*

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    Where did you see the bad reviews? i just logged onto the iTunes store and there are no reviews at all. I am assuming that the bad reviews at some website?

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    It's on the app reviews on my phone in iTunes...I dunno if it's for the iPad version but on the iPhone it has 89 ratings and only 2 stars.

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    The original version, before the updates, was awful. Now however it is ok. Be careful though some of the games are of low quality. The new version does allow the addition of files. Overall it is worth having but no more than that.

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    well hopefully they will keep adding more features and make it more worthwhile to own. For me it is fine since I have the game of Fischer vs. Spassky in my pocket so that is fun to access when i am at lunch at work. it is also nicer to use on the iPad since it is a universal app.

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    It does crash from time to time.  In my experience, this is usually only when there is a problem with internet access: not surprising given that it relies on an internet database.  For me, it is a bit annoying but not a big deal. 

    As for the reference to having only "1000 games", I am not sure what that is about.  On the app store site, Chessbase states that the database is 5 million games.  It may be that the reviewers were confused by the fact that the app only loads the first 1000 games in response to any search (by default, it goes to the 1000 most recent games).

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    I tried to search the games, and it just brings up a blank page. I don't know how to fix this.

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    I am assuming that this version of the app is almost identical to the android version.  Does the apple have SCID?  I use SCID 10x more than the chessbase app on both my phone and Nexus 7 pad.

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    I purchased this app and for the price ($4 I think), it's worth getting -no question. It has very good features and some annoying problems:

    -Good: here's how I use it: I have all my games on my computer. I back them up on the cloud with Mozy. I browse them with Mozy's iPad app. I find a game to analyze, and choose to "Open with" ChessBase. Presto! It imported my pgn. Now I analyze with their engine for evaluation AND their opening book for success rates against their vast database. For this alone, you should get this app.

    -Bad: Their search engine is clunky. Try to find Deep Blue vs. Kasparov. You can't! But it's there! Because they call it "Comp Deep Blue". Unless you knew that, no luck. When they show you opening stats, they tell you how many games played that opening; but you can't click on them to see them! There are tons of these silly things. Some of these annoyances are really easy to fix. I hope they fix them soon.

    Conclusion: get this app, use it to your advantage, be patient when using, hope for an upgrade soon!

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