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Chronos Chess Clocks are Back!!!

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    mldavis617 wrote:

    Duct tape is probably the best in terms of holding power.  Some clear packaging tape will become brittle and the adhesive dries out and releases.  Probably not a problem if you change batteries yearly, however.

    Well with this and the comment before that, perhaps the Chronos truly is a piece of junk. Never had any problems with my Made in China Analog Quartz, perfect for the coffeehouse, which I just used last week. As for a real tournement I'd more likely get the one that has the green LED display, just for the looks...and it probably has all those fancy settings too. Can you go wrong with $60? Probably better have your own batteries because they charge too much to add batteries.

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    No need for any tape in the Chronos unless you have an OLD one.  This thread concerns new clocks available.

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