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Chronos Chess Clocks are Back!!!

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    I don't think an LED is inherently better than an LCD. If you are comparing LED TV's and the ZMF LEDs they are not in any way comparable. LED TV's are still LCD TVs, LEDs are used as the light source for the screen and it has it's advantages. The LED display used by ZMF is just like the LED clocks you can get at a store, we've all had one and it's really a step back for our needs. Not saying the current ones can't be improved, I would like to see a trully programmable clock with a general purpose LCD display (not the fixed images we have now) with LED backlight. I agree current clocks are in the stone age.

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    I read somewhere that the Garde Turnier Digital could be upgraded with a software upgrade from your home. Since there is so little information on it, it is hard to verify anything about the clock including if they are making anymore of them. 

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    What would really be nice would be a small screen clock with a programmable menu for setting time, delay and add-on rather than an esoteric combination of button presses.  Until then, my Chronos is always pre-programmed before each use so I don't have to RTFM before a match to set it up.

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    This may or may NOT be true butr for what it's worth The Chronos Dealer happens to have in stock -- or so he claims -- the Chronos FX (not GX) Blitz Clock in Black and Beige in both Push Button and in Touch Sensor models. The Chronos FX is an Oldie but Goodie. This clock is for Blitz games only. Price is ~$160. 

    Over a Wholesale Chess which has the Chronos II... Clocks are $115 with FREE Shipping

    Push Button Model:

    White: 9 clocks

    Black: 1 clock

    Blue: 6 clocks

    Touch Sensor Model

    White: 5 Clocks

    Black: NO clocks

    Blue: 7 Clocks

    If you are planning to get that Chess Person in your life  (or yourself for that matter) a Chronos clock for X-mas, now might be a good time to buy, especially if you are Touch Sensor fan.

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    Yeah buy it then it breaks.. Good game

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    FYI - I just picked up two of the blue push buttons with a 15%-off coupon from chess.com. That's under $100 each. Coupon is good until November 2.

    I forgot to mention that the coupon is from wholesalechess.com, and there's also free shipping.

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    150lan1 wrote:

    FYI - I just picked up two of the blue push buttons with a 15%-off coupon from chess.com. That's under $100 each. Coupon is good until November 2.

    I forgot to mention that the coupon is from wholesalechess.com, and there's also free shipping.

    Here is a tip you might want to keep in mind:

    Chronos clocks -- ALL Chronos clocks -- have a tendency  to develop legs when you are not watching them and suddenly disappear.

    When I got my BLUE Push Button clock several years ago (Blue was an uncommon color back then) the first thing I did was to add a name plate to the back ( not bottom ) of the clock so that a) it was quite visable to whom the clock belonged;  the second thing I did was to junk the Black Push Button caps for colored ones. Colored caps can be bought either from Chronos Dealer, or through SamTimer for a couple bucks.

    By getting rid of the standard Black caps and substituting color ones for them the clock is REALLY visible in a room of same colored clocks. I also did the same thing for my BLACK backup clock. I chose ORANGE caps for that one (^._.^ ).

    The color caps and the addition of a name plate to the very back of the clock will help dissaude your clock from growing legs.

      Hope this helps.

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    On the SamTimer website, replacement buttons are $3.99 each, plus $3.99 shipping for each color. That is, if you order one blue and one green, shipping is $7.98. A button probably costs under 25 cents to make. I don't like getting gouged.

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    OUCH!!! I must confess I did this a few years ago right after I bought my first clock, and I think I paid $2.50 - $3.00 for each cap, and the shipping was not that much either. I think I bought 3 different colors  sets to match my mood. I am  sure if you wanted to buy two different color buttons they could send you them both for the same shipping price. They also say for different ordering options to call 1-888-726-8463. 

    I felt at that time the $5.00 - $6.00 per set for the caps was cheap insurance after a member of our small club found his clock gone and there was no way to spot it. He was the one to clue in onto the name plate on the back of the clock which what he did the second he got another clock. At the very least add a name plate to you clock. You can usually have it done at any store that gives out trophies and awards.  He had one made for me, which I think he said cost about $5.00

    Just some ideas to consider. Hope this helps.

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    ...On the subject of clocks, I just checked the WC website: ALL Touch Sensor clocks are SOLD OUT.  In the Push Button Model they have 5 WHITE and 2 BLUE clocks remaining. The BLACK clocks have SOLD OUT.

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    For those who are following this thread Wholesale Chess Seems to have gotten in a New Shipment of clocks, as they now have White, Black, and Blue in both Touch Sensor as wel as Push Button.

    Will try to see if other major distributors have started to get any clocks in yet later on.

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    Yes they seem to be getting in regular shipments now. Maybe this is a good sign to come that the person or persons making these clcoks have been doing so full time now instaed of just a hobby. There is a demand for them.

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