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DGT E-boards - worth the money?

  • 2 months ago · Quote · #21


    ifekali wrote:

    I find a DGT eboard very useful when analyzing games

    Analyzing on an ordinary board can be very difficult for beginners when faced with variations.

    Hopefully your opponent won't notice.

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    He's talking about analyzing games that have been played in the past, not on-going games.

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    The only problem I had with the Bluetooth DGT board is getting it to work the PICO chess program.

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    Are you using the XL clock with Picochess, Threebeast? The XL will not work right when using bluetooth connection, until this is fixed you should use the USB connection only. (The new DGT 3000 clock works fine, though.) 

    -Izmet Fekali

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    i have played live 3 games OTB in the regional championship of vestfold which i won :D (dgt boards linked with some chessbase thingy)

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    Vease wrote:
    MCBeaker wrote:
    ZaidejasChEgis wrote:

    Does any alternative exist?

    I think the Novag Citrine chess computer can be linked to a PC. Still not cheap, but costs less than DGT boards.

    Unfortunately the Novag Citrine reviews I've seen are universally unfavourable, it appears to be quite cheap and nasty for the price.

    Yes I have it and it is just awful, not sure if their even sold anymore. The only upside to it was the little microcomputer that came with it so you can play without hooking up to a PC. Otherwise though I regretted it.

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