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DIY Chess interface boards

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    I've posted about this before, but on the request of another Chess.com user I'll reference it again.

    I've built a very simple DIY USB Chessboard. The board uses inexpensive components and interfaces with pretty much any chess software out of the box.

    The basic process is on my blog here.

    Bottom line, for < $30 you can build a fully functional USB chessboard and play games online or against the computer. It's not a DGT board, but it's inexpensive and great fun.


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    Is anyone interested in making and selling these? As much as I'd like to make one, I shake too much to deal with small stuff like this.

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    Thanks for you help in instruction fragilio.  I've finally finished mine.  Love it!  This will be used by our town's chess club.

    Video of it...  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6xVWr-H0ks&feature=youtu.be

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    I want to make and sell these.. I can probably fund the creation of an initial run of 10-12 out of pocket. PM me if interested.

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