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Endgame books

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    Two other good one volume reference endgame works which haven't been mentioned in this thread :

    - Averbach's Essential endgame knowledge (look for the 2nd edition)

    - Alburt's Just the facts

    And a third one, which I haven't read, but has many rave reviews on the Internet :

    - Howell's Essential Chess endings

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    Many endgame books are simply positional encyclopedias.  You can find many (Polgar's "Chess" for example) that give a position and the solution but not the explanation or philosophy for continuation.  Others such as the venerable "Basic Chess Endings" by Fine and, even more so, Silman explain the objective as well as the solution.  Dvoretsky is perhaps the most advanced but I don't have that one so can't comment on his writing, except that often the very advanced writers take for granted your depth of understanding and skip over some things you really should know.

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