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Endgame: Dvoretsky or Silman?

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    Yereslov wrote:

    The better question is who is better: Muller or Dvoretsky?

    You could even add in Nunn. He is a strong English grandmaster who published a two volume series on endgames. He also has his own opening encyclopedia.

    Nunn for beginners (Understanding Chess Endgames, otherwise his two volume set is quite good), Muller for intermediates, and Dvoretsky for class B and above.

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    I noticed in Dvoretsky's "From the author" section of the Endgame Manual, he mentions that he prepared a series of lectures on the general principles of endgame play for the Moscow High School for Sports.  He then goes on to say, that the main ideas of that series became (with his permission) the basis of the book Endgame Strategy by Shereshevsky.  If he is the originator of that content, that is just one more reason why Dvoretsky is the greatest endgame author of all time.

    Regarding the general question of Dvoretsky v. Silman, the question is somewhat ridiculous in my view, since the Silman book is so much less complex and dense.  Silman provides easily understandable and very wordy presentations of a realtively small number of important endgame positions, and is one of many beginner endgame books that could be read prior to the Endgame Manual.  Silman, or the equivalent thereof, would be a prerequisite to Dvoretsky.

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