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Favorite Tournament Book

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    Post 17 lists a bunch of tournaments. Who wrote these great books? I know of at least two different books on Zurich 1953 and AVRO respectively.

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    There are two different translations available in English of Bronstein's book on Zurich 1953.  Alekhine's annotations of New York 1927 are not highly regarded because of his unrelenting diatribes against Capablanca.

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    I picked up the Marin book this weekend.  Looks very cool and my man Korchnoi is in it so that makes it doubly cool.   Still on the lookout for other suggestions for books so keep them coming

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    One book that hasn't been mentioned yet that should be is San Antonio 72.  Not all of the games are annotated, but there are some real gems amongst the ones that are.  Including several games annotated by Bent Larson.

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    The San Antonio 1972 is one I just purchased a few weeks ago and is on my list.  I have been playing over the games of Marshall in the 1904 Cambridge Springs book and the games have been great lessons on tactics, attacking, and initiative.

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    My favorite match book however, is Tal-Botvinnik.  What a classic!

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    New York 1924 would be my choice..not only because of the stellar competition rounded up for the tourney(the Reti/Capa game is a legend) and the zestful sight of the old school  confronting the new(perhaps for the last time at such a level and occasion) but mostly because of Alekhine's outstanding and sometimes exhaustive analysis(which often went into double letter  reference eg:aa,bb)..his role of official annotator also allowed him to study his main opponent's games in much greater detail and thereby stockpile ammo for his subsequent encounters..I was lucky enough to obtain a first edition/first printing hardcover of the book a few years ago..needless to say it is one of my most treasured chess books..

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    An inprint version of Botvinnik's 1941 Book is here


    In general the simpole editions are pretty basic copies of old books, keeping descriptive notation and any mistakes. Worth it in this case for Botvinnik's annotations though.

    "Wijk aan Zee Grandmaster Chess Tournament 1975" published by RHM Press in 1976, and writen by Kavalek quite decent book

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    Thanks, TwoMove! I have that particular book on my shelf, but I may look for others this way.

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    A second thanks TwoMove.  I will pick that up in the near future.  And I agree that the 1975 Wijk aan Zee book is good. 

    Does anyone know if there is a good book in English on the Bled 1961 or Moscow 1967 tournaments?

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    I also have a copy of the Wijk aan Zee book by Kavalek...

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    Does anyone know if there is a tournament book that exists for the 1973 Soviet Championship?  That is one book I would love to add to my collection.

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    They made tournament books of each of the Soviet championships. Tho, finding one in print would be rather difficult. I have a booklet of the Tallinn 1973 international chess tournament. And I have one of the 1979 USSR Championships written by A.J. Miles. 

    I think if you find the book, you will probably be disappointed. The analysis of these games is not very deep, and there's very little prose. 

    Probably the best book on the Soviet Championships was Taimanov's excellent book that covers all of the Soviet Championships. That may not be in print, but you may be able to find a copy for a reasonable price. (No, I'm not selling my copy!)

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    I have a relatively rare book on a 60's championships won by Spassky written by an American IM Karklins? Will put more details when back in Leeds, but that one was well annotated.

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