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I want to buy a Novag Super Expert B or C

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    HI, If you have one that you are willing to sell please PM me.  I can pay with PayPal.  Thanks!

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    Sorry. My Novag Primo broke in 2000.

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    That Novag is the coolest thing I have ever seen.

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    HI, Yes, my wife just got one from a gentleman on this forum and its so cool I want to buy another one!

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    You can look on Ebay, they've all kind of chess computers for sale.

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    Novags were slammed in the 80's for being of a weak standard. But I would have to disagree. Of course they would get hammered now by anything. But in the 80's I had a few interesting experimets with a Novag Primo.

    [1.] It played a line against me in the French defence. I played the same line at a chess club and a strong 2100ish player showed me afterwards that it was the same first 12 moves from a recent game of Karpov Miles.

    [2.] I beat it once at the highest level. I played the first move of an 8 move combination with 3 piece sacs to mate it ina  corner. It resigned with all 8 moves to go!

    So these computers weren't that bad. They really weren't.

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     I think you are exactly right about your Primo and other computers of the day.  They were and still are useful and enjoyable machines and play a nice game of chess.  Not everything needs to be compared to 3000 elo software. Dedicated machines all had different strengths and weaknesses but thats what gives them "personality"

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    I've a Radioshack Master 2200 that was made in 1998 ans it's very challenging. I mean at high levels it plays like a strong chess club player so even a good players who plays with this computer can have something to think about.

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    Have you guys ever seen one of these?  "Grandmaster" autosensory tournament sized, with 3.75 King, triple weighted peices.. 4AA levels 1-100 level 100 beats "99%" of all chess players.. Seems like a good board.

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    Yes, its a nice setup. Same program as the excalibur Igor.  I heard its not uncommon for this board to have issues with the reed switches which are used for the autosensory feature.  They can be replaced / repaired.  

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    That's a beauty, must be expensive though!

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    One odd aspect of a Novag Primo is that their default notation was English Descriptive.

    That was an interesting choice; algebraic would have made more practical sense for fitting the move more easily on the small screen.

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    So I bought the Excalibur "Gandmaster" off of eBay and it came in the mail a few days ago. 

    I like this board and am having fun playing it. The thing I most like about this board is the size of the board and peices.  It's large and is just like playing in a tourney, then also not having to press on the squares as I move a peice also emulating real play as much as possible.

    It has 100 levels and I've played it at different levels up to level 40.  At level 40 it doesn't seem to drop peices and I have only been able to checkmate it once.

    It really plays a good game of chess, has an opening trainer, position setup and runs on 4 AA batteries.  Very satisfied and would reccomend.

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