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Jaques of London made in India

  • 18 months ago · Quote · #21


    I'd hate to see that knight on the left coming for my king. I'd be running to the queenside!!


  • 18 months ago · Quote · #22


    I very slightly prefer the Staunton knight in the pictures (cf #10), but I clearly prefer the Jacques rook.

    But all in all, frankly, I don't care much. I analyse almost only on travel magnetic boards where pieces are painted circles, so I did not get used to the luxury pieces enough to be able to tell.

  • 18 months ago · Quote · #23


    i prefer staunton, not only because the knight looks more harmonious i prefer the colour a bit more as well.

  • 18 months ago · Quote · #24


    The cheap Jaques pieces are made in India maybe...The top jaques pieces are crafted in England though I think.


    I like the HOS set better than your new Jaques pieces.

    These are the nice jaques knights







  • 18 months ago · Quote · #25


    Some nice little sculptures in those old Jaques knights.

  • 18 months ago · Quote · #26


    JOL do offer earlier replicas here... For a price of course


  • 18 months ago · Quote · #27


    I could not refrain from posting this screenshot here :

  • 18 months ago · Quote · #28


    lol just proves its possible to be intelligent enough to make lots of money but be as smart as a cucumber at the same time

  • 18 months ago · Quote · #29


    Just as an aside, I accounted for inflation for a 1912 ad for Jaques men--a pretty good deal in my eyes:

    4.4" club sized=$410

    4" small club=$352

    Ebony/boxwood, weighted and felted.

    I'd jump on that now!

  • 18 months ago · Quote · #30


    Thanks for all the comments. I appreciate the input.

    I'm returning the set to Jaques.

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