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Modern Chess Ideas and Masters of the chessboard

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    Hi, I'm looking for buying new chess books, but I want informations about these two Reti's books. Do they talk about same topics? What's the difference between the two? What are the topic in these books? Are they worth to buy?

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    Both are great, very well worth the cost. They are similar, but not at all the same. 2 of my favorite chess books and I have lots . . .


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    How the #*!! did Sam Sloan write the foreword for this book???


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    Ishi press have been reissuing classic chess books lately. Altough it is nice to see them republished, I kind of wish it would have been some other publisher…

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    I've just finished "Modern Ideas" yesterday, really good book. Very interesting to read. The only drawback was I had some old edition (don't know if there are newer ones) and I believe it was original text by Reti. Some people may find it cool, but it was just a bit hard to understand at times due to somewhat archaic language (also, the notation was descriptive, but that doesn't bother me much).

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    So, what should I take? Masters of the chessboard or Modern Ideas in chess?

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    I took "Masters of the chessboard", only read some pages without really study it, and I already like it. The annotations are excellent, and Reti's humour make the book very enjoying! It's a pity that he dead before he could complete the book :(

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    I just started reading both of these books!  I am reading the section on each player in each book and then spending time with more games for that player.  There are really well written books!  Do you have the Russell republished editions?

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