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My Dubrovnik Set On My Drueke

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    tgblandino wrote
    Welcome to the Dubrovnik Club.  What is the height  of your Kings? And the size of the board its shown on?

    Got one in December.  I have to say this is the finest chess set I have ever seen.  I literally looked at hundreds of chess sets online, trying to find something that was classy, old school, and rugged.  All the other sets, out of hundreds, had something I did not like about them.  Whether it was a weird knight, bishop, etc.  This set makes a statement, outstanding craftmanship.

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    4 inch King, 2 1/4 board.

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    On a Drueke! Bravo!


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    baddogno wrote:
    FirebrandX wrote:

    I guess I'm in the minority opinion, but I just don't like the set's "cute" trick of having opposite-colored tops on the bishops. I know the set has a lot of prestige and historical significance, but taken on its own, the set rather looks ugly to me.

    Whew!  Glad I'm not the only one who, other than the historical value, wonders what all the fuss is all about?  Don't get me wrong here, It's a nice set, but other than that...OK It is cool that the bishops have different colored finials to make them stand out from the pawns without going "all or nothing" like the more common Zagreb "59.  But you can also make your B's stand out by giving them a deep wide cut,  like modern HOS designs (Frank Cameratta-probably, no, certainly misspelled.) The N's are OK and the originals more engaging than the repros but I like the '59 better if you're going for simple but compelling design.  I like my horsies all tarted up myself.  I'd brag about my HOS Sheffield in Bud Rosewood but I don't have a camera to post with so I won't...I also prefer the HOS collector knights.  All right, I'll give you top ten status but not top 5.  Maybe if they weren't so d#mn expensive...

    Gotta say I agree with the "opposition". The different colour tips on the bishops just dont do it for me. I adore the knights though. I can see these being really popular. Staunton is definitely the only choice when it comes to chess sets. anyone buying me a isle of lewis chess set will see me set up the board and go on to violently throw up on it.

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    The appeal of opposite color bishop tips is the differentiation from the pawns. Position is clearer on a Dubrovnik. Here's a story:

    I gifted a nice Staunton to a dear elderly neighbour of mine for his 80th birthday and he loved it. Weighted, felted, handcarved. A collector's item. I figured it was about time to replace his old beat up Subozan set his gang of retired friends was playing on on Sundays in his garden.

    I come by a few days later, see him and another old guy, both heavily bespectacled, play a game on that beautiful Staunton chess set. But something is weird. I come closer.

    First thing they did was color the bishop caps opposite with a wall paint at hand.


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    Does anybody know what set this is (and where one can buy this)? Looks simple and really elegant. I don't mind this is made of plastic, but look how proportional it is and how elegantly it goes well with a simple practical vinyl board!

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    @crazyim5 That set is called The Ultimate Chess Set. Rumor is that the factory in Taiwan that made them has closed and the molds can not be found. But there is hope according to an article posted in another thread here


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    I'm not 100% sure about that. They look almost identical except minute variations like shape of rook and crown on queen is less wide and possibly a bit blunt to avoid pricking your fingers. 


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    The rooks appear tad thinner and taller in the middle or maybe it's the angle. I can't make up my mind

    Pretty close to these old eyesWink

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    ROBB_CHESS wrote:

    My Fav Set...

    Very, very nice.

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    Yes, nice set.  I'm not sure how well I'd like playing with the "fat" pawns (I'd have to try them), but they are very nice looking.

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    they are all very nice, but, I prefere 9kick9's

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    The pieces behind that Ultimate set on the picture is an American Drueke Player's Choice from the 70's. Nice! I prefer the Drueke set as I'm not too fascinated by the Ultimate's bulbous bishops and fat-headed pawns.

    Thanx for posting the picture of a relaxed older Karpov with what seems like an unweighted "Zagreb version" plastic Dubrovnik set on a vinyl board. There's also a weighted Slojvenian Dubrovnik plastic model, which I own and I think is superior to the Zagreb. I proudly use it on a leather roll-up board with brown and tan squares and also a ...(yes, like many seem to have here..) a wooden Drueke board! The Drueke was used in Kasparov-Deep Blue '97 and the Dubrovnik is the Holy Grail of all sets. Both combined are simply... divine chessic beauty... my friend. I experience it every day.

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