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Opinions about buying chess books

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    richie_and_oprah wrote:

    hardly ...  they are all in business to sell books 

    reviews in general are a murky area .... i worked 20 years as a journalist and all reviewers are always comped and given very nice treatment in order to curry favor and garner favorable press and the rule is that anyone that pays for advertising gets a good review!


    Well, I disagree with your belief, at least concerning ChessCafe in the past when Taylor Kingston was reviewing books. However, it's possible that it was a case of Taylor being a one-man wrecking crew, idk.

    Times have changed, though. Taylor is no longer reviewing books there, and ChessCafe is under new ownership. (Hanon Russell is no longer the owner.) I'll spend some time in the next days and/or weeks to review the recent reviews (pun intended) and get back to you.

    I'm not just arguing for argument's sake; I really am interested to know if there's been a fundamental change in the reviewing standards there.

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    jambyvedar wrote:
    Amakatzis wrote:



    I would like to recommend me books from these categories.

    --Chess Openings




    --Game Collections

    Also, i would like to tell me , where can i find the

    Encyclopedia of Chess Openings(five volumes) in paper version.


    I would be very happy if you recommend me books from these categories.

    Thanks in advance,



    -FCO- Fundamental Chess Opening


    - Chess Tactics For Champion by Polgar


    -Winning Chess Strategy by Seirawan


    - Pandolfini's Endgame Course or Winning Chess Endings by Seirawan

    I didn´t liked the Polgar book at all. It doesn´t explain almost anything, it just have like 3 o 4 pages of explanations per topic. It´s a very bulky book, but just because it has a very big font and it´s written in one column.

    I have liked much more "A course in Chess Tactics" by Dejan Bojkov (the chapters that I have finished so far are ok).

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    cookiemonster161140 wrote:

    Chess Tactics for Advanced Players, Averbakh.

    Sportverlag Berlin.

    If you can find it. Great read.

    Quick question, totally tangential... Chess Tactics for Advanced Players is available from Ishi Press on Amazon. Whenever I have "looked inside", there are Japanese (I presume) characters displayed at the top and bottom of the page. Do these appear in the printed book too?? I have been put off buying any book from Ishi Press for that reason.

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    I would be leery of amazon.com reviews since a great many of them are written by folks who either just skimmed the book, read and studied a 1/4 of it, or did not even read it at all. The best way is to find what books suit your current level of development and see if you can find them at a local bookstore. This way you can give the book a good look over and make a decision.

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    There are no local bookstores in the West End of Glasgow nowadays apart from the Oxfam charity bookshop - which admittedly is great, but only sells secondhand - and the University bookshop. Yell

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    You might do some searching on the 'net for book reviews.  One good source is John Watson.  http://www.theweekinchess.com/john-watson-reviews

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    f0r what you want to buy b00ks  having  TV  o  shoedini .  

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    Books are nice. Books are my friends. Smile

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    Another useful suggestion for you would be to locate the nearest chess club and talk to some of the stronger players.. You should get enough info from them to set you on the right path.

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