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    Also, i've been all over google image and some chess stores' sites, trying to place what the heck this is...sitting on the counter at my local Salvation Army, in a strong, gorgeous box - $99.99

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    It certaintly looks very similar to many of the metal sets from this link, but this thing was clearly a few decades old, with a very subtle patina on the pieces. (not sure why, but this link only seems to work if you highlight the whole thing and right-click, open in new tab)


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    Boogalicious wrote:

    This chess set was free and I like its quality very much.



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    The "French" metal set is kind of a cross bewteen Staunton and French Regence. There was a time when people were making Regence sets with mitres in the bishops and stuff like that to try to make them look more normal. Maybe this design comes from a little after that? (Much after that and no one cares at all about Regence sets and everyone wants Staunton.)

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    Just received a new plastic chess set with folding wooden board. It's a very different looking set. Pieces have a woodgrain finish and are made of a high density polymer.

    King is 4.25" tall and weighs 3.75 oz. The entire set weighs in at just over 68 oz. The 2.375" board is a maple and walnut inlay.

    I didn't have a 2-3/8" chess board, so now I'm covered with boards from 2" to 2.5". Any larger and I'd have to be a gorilla to reach across the board.

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    Very nice looking plastic set.

    Could you tell us where you got it?

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