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    The "French" metal set is kind of a cross bewteen Staunton and French Regence. There was a time when people were making Regence sets with mitres in the bishops and stuff like that to try to make them look more normal. Maybe this design comes from a little after that? (Much after that and no one cares at all about Regence sets and everyone wants Staunton.)

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    Just received a new plastic chess set with folding wooden board. It's a very different looking set. Pieces have a woodgrain finish and are made of a high density polymer.

    King is 4.25" tall and weighs 3.75 oz. The entire set weighs in at just over 68 oz. The 2.375" board is a maple and walnut inlay.

    I didn't have a 2-3/8" chess board, so now I'm covered with boards from 2" to 2.5". Any larger and I'd have to be a gorilla to reach across the board.

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    Very nice looking plastic set.

    Could you tell us where you got it?

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    There was a similar plastic set for sale on ebay for $99 few days ago.

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    Jascias wrote:

    First: I love chess. That out of the way. Would love to see pictures of other's beautiful sets. One thing I noticed is chess sets are like here today, gone tommorow.  I remember my grandfather having 3 wonderful sets when I was a kid. Marble, wood, and a metal one. I looked everwhere but no pic on the internet comes close to what I remember what they looked like.Its funny that way....You never know how many one of a kind chess sets there are out there because when one buys a good unique set, that set will stay in that family for years, with no posts of pictures to the internet, so no one will ever know the beauty of that chess set.

    Back on topic.....I only got 3 boards, but would love to one day get a Staunton Ebony & African Padauk wood set. Really like that one. 

    I needed a good wood set and this one was great for the cost. I picked blue and white for no other reason them being my favorite colors :)







    This next one would drive most of you nuts , but I absolutely love it. Its pretty unique for a chess set. I saw it at a furniture store in 2010. They had a going out of business sell, so got it for $100, out the door. Now their around $250 on ebay . 





    This one I bought in 2007 when I was on a mission to find a nice metal Staunton set. They didn't make to many of them, and shortly after I recieved mine they discontinued the line. Its solid brass with 24k gold plate, and solid steel with Crome plate, with an italfama board from italy. Don't know the ounces but got nice heft to them.










    On a curious note, Some years after acquiring the metal chess set, I was playing Chessmaster and notice this odd coincidence. The Steel Set in Chessmaster is almost identical to the design of my above metal pieces. Chessmaster grandmaster edition came out in 2007 around the same time I got my pieces. So maybe the designer worked on the game also???? That's a big maybe, but cool little trivia. 








    Where did you get the blue & white set? Do you have a link? Love it.

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    My chess set.

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    Here is my 1962 Austin Enterprises chess set. I have never played with it. My regular sets are an old traditional style wooden set and a 1970's era plastic "Renaissance" set which I like so much. By the way my Austin Enterprises set is for sale if anyone is interested.

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