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Saitek Mephisto Master Chess Computer

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    I also have a Mephisto Master computer,  I haven't used it in a while. I had a really hard time getting the levels set. I called the company and a man there said "Sir I do not know how play chess, I just sell the machines." Eventually I got it to a level I could beat, then I raised it one level  and now I can manage  a draw once in a while.

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    As said chess computers are not made for beating there ment for showing what chess should look like, if u could beat them they would not b worth buying, I have played against maphisto master for as little as two weeks and have went up from a weak 1500 to around 1850 online play, my advise is to put it on normal 1 power 3 it play s a pretty strong game play it enough times you will notice a big improovemrnt in your online play, don't set it to search limit, you won't see the sexy combos tactics honnestly the higher the level the better. As far as bugs go all computers have some sort of bug, on maphisto master I belive also has a fun level bug I never got it but I never use fun levels I don't pay out 200 bucks for a program just to watch it randomly throw pieces at me, I can do that online, every time maphisto master beats me it reminds me that I did not waste my money, I still got room to improove
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    If u already have an iPod tho and don't want to shell out 200 but like to play on a board download stockfish it's free elo is 2500 I believe And just either have one of your friends move the pieces or u move them, that's what my nephew and I do when he comes over helps improove my chess and his all at the same time And so u know not trying to be a mr know it all just trying to let u know getting beat by software is not a bad thing it's a good thing, like the old saying goes got to beat the best to b the best good luck bro
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    I have a book of openings called "FCO: Fundamental Chess Openings"  My intentions are to buy this chess computer and learn to play these openings.  Will the computer help me?  I also have a chess book of documented games played at a chess club. Will the computer teach me if I reinact these games?

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    You can play your  openings and the computer will play it's best moves in response. The same thing with  the games, but it won't analyze, it won't explain why those are the best moves.

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    I recently purchased this computer on line for 139.95 .but i think when they assembled this unit at the factory some body accidently spilled a a can of of whup ass on the electronic components,because this little stinker is a beast! the manual says at the lowest level (fun level 1 -power saving mode + ps 1) quote "the computer will not only hang pieces,but will try to lose material".I found this not to be true.all it seems to do is make a slightly weaker move in the opening than the very strongest.i can beat it only if i pretend i'm playing in a tournament and write down the moves . I have 13 other sensory board computers which are much easier to beat at low levels . what i like most about this computer,(unlike my fidelity master 2265 or my excaliber grand master)it has a lot of variety in it's moves.even more than my 3 novags which have lots of variety.don't buy this computer if you want to have fun kicking it's ass because you won't.but it's a great computer to help you learn.and a well written manual worth reading carefully.

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    okay. i'm back with good news for us patzers! i discovered an easy level on this computer . i've been kicking it's butt all day.drag your mephisto out of the closet and i'll show you how to beat it.go to 3.7 Training Levels and set it on Level 49 Ply:1. it is important that you do this first.then set your power saving mode to +PS: 1. you should now find it fairly easy to beat.here is the first game i played with this setting.i played an unsound gambit. 1.d4-d5 2.e4-dxe4 3.Nc3-Nf6 4.f3-Bf5 5.fxe4-Nxe4 6.Qf3-Qxd4? 7.Qxf5-Nxc3 8.Qc8+ Qd8 9.Qxd8+ Kxd8 10.bxc3 from there i went on to win.i played more games and it answered with a variety of moves.next i'll try ply2 . sorry i'm 2 years too late.:-(

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    im just a beginner, i start to "re-play" the game a few months ago, i bought the master chess unit, and im very happy, i must say its a thoug oponent, but if you play using Training 1 Ply, Saving +3 its not that hard to win, i did it plaing white using bird opening. I think Level Fun 1, in comparison, is so much harder to win. I love my unit and the chance to play OTB.

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    Yeah I have the same problem,very difficult to beat even at a low setting.

    But I do beat it at kick boxing.

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