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    I know I just made a thread about books but I forgot to ask for good strategy books? I heard that these ones are supposed to be quite good:

    Chess Master vs. Chess Amateur by Euwe

    My System by Nimzowitsch

    Understanding Pawn Play in Chess by Marovic

    Understanding Chess Move by Move by Nunn

    Capablanca's Best Games by Golombek

    Tal-Botvinnik 1960 by Tal


    So has anyone read any of them and if so, can you post a bit about each of them because I have got no idea whether any of them are good or not. If you have read another good strategy chess book which isn't up there, if you could reccommend it, that would be great :) Also I would like to buy a sicilian dragon book that is not all memorizing lines, instead I'd like one that looks at the theory behind the variations.

    Any reccommendations would be great :)

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    Complete Book of Chess Strategy by Jeremy Silman

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    Ty Raider, any other suggestions?

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    The Giants of Strategy - Neil McDonald

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    "My Best Games" by Anatoly Karpov

    Playing through the games of Karpov is an excellent way to learn about chess strategy and how to turn an advantage into a win.

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    Ty everyone for all the suggestions, lol there are too many books suggested Idunno what to get! And streetfighter good points and I love attacking and tactics but the reason I want to get a strategy book is so I find it easier to get into positions to attack. 

    Refining search for strategic books: 

    Are there any good, simple strategy books for beginners?

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    I'm not "really" new. I have known how to play for quite a while but only started playing properly in the last 6 months

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    Ty :) I'll looking into getting them Smile

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     Chess for Tigers by Simon Webb - Its quite a good book.  I have it & it can teach you a lot plus it is a lot of fun with its drawing. 

    But seriously you need to learn tactics.  For that I recommend Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess.  There you get some basic but solid information which in my opinion should be useful to you. 

    You can do unlimited tactics Finally study end games.  That helps a lot.  Believe me.

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    Lol u have basically said study every part of the games :) ty for the reccomendations :)

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    One of the books which i think helped me most was Silman's reassess your chess.

    There are two other books, which don't give you a silver bullet, but which provide some great ideas (albeit ones which require work and dedication) are: Tisdal's improve your chess now and Rowson's Chess for Zebras.

    The other point i would make is to listen to Streetfighter

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    @rigamagician - um, not sure whether i agree or disagree.

    There are advanced ideas in both books, but there are also ideas and suggestions that can be applied at the 1800 level.  There are also some pretty basics bits in them too.

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    streetfighter wrote:

    Streetfighting Chess (plug,plug) with a discount for players AND soon to be released for iPad/iPhone etc.

     Your book has no recommendations on why not give a copy to a friend and have them do a review for you.

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    Yeah you have a good point here, I think perhaps this would be quite hard, but the chapter on stepping stones etc in Chap 2 should be within their grasp, and Chapter 1 is something that can be returned to a number of times.

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    They say Strategically Position by Kurogkug is a classic.

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    How to deal with so many recommendations? - what i do is cut & paste the name you guys have provided into, read the reviews. If it looks like it might be good for me i put it in my "Wish List" on amazon. Later when i am going to buy, I have my entire wish list to choice from. Wink 

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    Capablanca's Best Games by Golombeck is awesome, but it is a collection of great games and not "instructive" in the sense that any lessons to be gleaned from it will have to be done on your own.  Ditto for Tal vs Botvinnik 1960, I don't recall a lot of beginner or intermediate tactics or strategy here either!

    I highly recommend My System, the other books may be great too but I haven't read 'em. Nimzovitch goes over many basic principles of opening, middlegame and endgame strategy such as development, exchanges, the 7th-rank, etc. A lot of his opening theory is hopelessly antiquated now but his principles are still sound.

    Logical Chess Move by Move and The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played, both by Irving Chernev are both highly recommended 

    I would avoid specialized opening books and stick with 1 or 2 general works like MCO for now. In fact you should study endgames more so than openings because endgame theory is basically static, once you learn Lucena's Position for instance you'll never have to worry about it being refuted or outmoded by some newer line. And once you start learning endgame principles this will help you make important long-term (ie strategic) decisions in the middlegame and even the openings sometimes. GOOD LUCK!

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    I'm reading "My System" at the moment and I think it's not too complicated, just basic stuff, but it's worth reading for a 1500 player.

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