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The Mother of All Magnetic Chessboards

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    That and your poor attitude, yes.

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    Hey Kco, waiting for a response ... getting impatient! Answer Mitch_Schwartzen! I'm waiting.

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    Please be [...] and nice!

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    fburton / just what are you implying? Are you directing your "comment" at me? You have something to express then do so! So, in the future, please be relevant and helpful. Your comment doesn't meet the requirements of being nice. Please explain your action on this forum thread. Have a good day and good luck with your chess.

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    Best Chessboard Ever seems to be improving with newer editions. Will you bring out a BCE with genuine walnut/maple wood instead of shellac paint on a plywood ?

    This looks like the latest one, http://www.flickr.com/photos/7392658@N06/13041733105/lightbox/

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    Here's GM Kosteniuk enjoying some magnetic chessboarding with friends in Ljubljana, Slovenia:

    Oh yes, there's a video too.


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