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Top 10 Chess Books to Own

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    See my chess books for sale on e-ba*. type in my novel title in to the search bar, " Living in the Time of Wolves " then check out my " See other items". I am selling several boxes of chess books. I have at least 6-7 more boxes to put up. Thanks. *=yTongue Out

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    Kk im a rather new, (2 month) 14 year old who loves to play chess. I think im pretty good for the time i trained. What books would you recommend, and where would i get them from?

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    Pachman's Complete Chess Strategy, as well as any general endgame book. You can probably order them online or possibly find them (or similar texts) at your local chess club.

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    I dont have a local chess club

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    Here are a few threads discussing beginner books.  Scary thought, but all these threads are archived...


    And here is Coach Heisman's book list:


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    Agree with baddogno Dan Heisman's list is a good place to start.

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    beebejoe wrote:

    What are your top 10 chess books that are worth buying?


    KarlsBad 1907 by Georg Marco and Carl Schlechter (one of the greatest tournament books ever)

    My System by Aaron Nimzovitch (new edition 2006)

    De Labourdannais vs Mcdonald 1834 by Cary Utterberg

    My 60 Memorable Games by Bobby Fischer

    300 Chess Games by Siegbert Tarrasch

    Laskers Manual by Emmanual Lasker

    The Chess Sacrifice Technique Art and Risk by Vladmir Vokovic

    Schlechter's Chess Games by Tom Crain

    Adolph Anderssen Master of Attack by Sid Picard

    The Life and Games of Akiva Rubinstein by Donaldson and Minev

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    I'd recommend

    Secrets of modern chess strategy by John Watson. Really loved it!

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