Top 10 Chess Books to Own

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    There is a new book from quality chess on Petrosian's games "Python strategy" which is a translation of one of Petrosian's famous russian books apparantly. Hven't got it myself yet.

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    TwoMove wrote:

    There is a new book from quality chess on Petrosian's games "Python strategy" which is a translation of one of Petrosian's famous russian books apparantly. Hven't got it myself yet.

    Sounds like a great read, thanks for the recommendation 

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    Shivsky wrote:

    Depends on where you're at in terms of progress.

    My current top 10 would be:

    - Silman's new endgame book.

    - Silman's Reassess your chess.

    - Pawn Power - Kmoch

    - Chess for Tigers - Simon Webb

    - Amateur's Mind - Silman

    - Simple Chess - Michael Stean

    - Complete Chess Strategy (Vols 1,2,3, not the condensed one!) - Pachman

    - Mammoth book of World's Greatest Games

    - Build up your chess Series - Arthur Yusupov

    - Elements of Positional Evaluation - Heisman

    Modern chess Strategy is a completely different book.Is not it?Have you read it?

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    Have got hold of Python strategy now. My first impressions is that it is using the same source material as the red and blue hardbacks of Petrosian's games and annotating a few more of the games in words, rather than informator style. The analysis is fairly lightweight especially compared to Kasparov's variation heavy books.

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    Top 10 for myself No particular order:

    1. Weapons of Chess - Pandolfinni

    2. MCO 15 - Firmian

    3. Alekhine's best games 1908-1937 - Alekhine

    4. The Art of the Middlegame - Keres & Kotov

    5. My 60 Memorable Games - Fischer

    6. Reassess your Chess- Silman

    7. Silman's Endgame Course

    8. Judgement & Planning in Chess - Euwe (Descriptive Notation, but Great read)

     9. Secrets of the Russian Chessmasters V2 - Alburt & Parr

    10. 10 most common chess mistakes - Evans

    Other great books I've read that aren't instructional related.

    1. Book of Chess Lists - Andrew Soltis (Great book! I found out Edward Lasker invented the mechanical breast pump from this book XD)

    2. Endgame (Bobby Fischer) - Frank Brady

    3. Bobby Fischer goes to war - Edmonds & Eidinow

    4. Russians Versus Fischer (Not only are their annotated games of Fischer against Soviet players, but also written conversations between soviet players regarding Fischer. Apparently Karpov & Fischer were in talks of a match after 1975, cause Karpov wanted to challenge the best)

    5. Searching for Bobby Fischer - Fred Waitzkin

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    Isn't Simple Chess on the internet somewhere?

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    The ultimate list:

    1. My Great Predecessors - Garry Kasparov
    2. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice - David Bronstein
    3. Larsen's Selected Games of Chess, 1948-69 - Bent Larsen
    4. My 60 Memorable Games - Bobby Fischer
    5. One Hundred Selected Games - Mikhail Botvinnik
    6. My Best Games - Victor Korchnoi
    7. New York 1924 - Alexander Alekhine
    Zurich International Chess Tournament, 1953 - David Bronstein
    9. Fundamental Chess Endings - Karsten Muller, Frank Lamprecht
    10. Domination in 2,545 Endgame Studies - Ghenrikh M. Kasparyan

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    There are a lot of good books and 10 list is too short. But anyway, here is my list.


    1. Idiot's Guide to Chess- Novice

    2. Chess Tactics for Champion- Novice

    3. Chess Secrets Giants of Strategy- Above Novice

    4. Winning Chess Strategy- Above Novice

    5. Logical Chess Move by Move

    6.101 Chess Endgame Tips

    7. Fundamental Chess Endings

    8. Improve Your Chess Pattern Recognition

    9. Winning Chess Strategy

    10. Invisible Chess Move

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    Read Winning chess Strategy twice?

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    cornbeefhashvili napisał:

    In no particular order (except for the first book):

    Your First Move - Sokolsky The Middlegame (Book1) - Euwe
    To be updated as I fully read through my library...

    Hi cornbeefhashvili,

    can you please be so kind and elaborate on the Sokolsky book?

    why is it so good?

    who is the intended reader of this book?

    up to what rating level (roughly) would you recommend it?

    thank you!

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    Thank for your imformation .

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