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What Drueke set am I looking for?

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    My impression is that Drueke hasn't "closed shop" but is basically having all its inventory liquidated by the holding company, Carrom.  Guess Carrom doesn't seem to think Drueke could be profitable.  :(

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    I think you can still buy a Drueke board but not sets.

    I take a pessimestic view of the situation.  As with so very many corporate buy-outs, Carrom bought the good Drueke name and probably some unsold inventory, seeking to capitalize on the Drueke reputation.  Once the inventory is gone, they could care less and substitute the nice Drueke sets with cheap Chinese or sweat-shop knock-offs, making a nice profit.  The idea is short term profit, not long term reputation.

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    wickawack, that gorgeus red and white plastic drueke set you posted...what sizw is a square on that board, and how tall is the king? its gorgeous. 

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    Damn... So much sentimental value here for this set. I know it is much cherished among old american generation and was like, the top standard set back in that decade. Even though I think the pieces are not very "aesthetically pleasing," I'm sure it's reliable and easy to play with. Cheers.

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