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Where to Purchase a Gothic (or other similar variant) Online

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    Hello everyone! I need a hand and I'd be forever grateful. I've recently become quite fond of chess and interested in pursuing some over-the-board variant sets.

    Specifically, I'm looking for a 10x8 set with the chancellor and archbishop. I've Googled this topic and searched the forum for answers. The House of Staunton Reykjavik II set is beautiful, but out of stock and the old tournament board made by the Gothic chess organization seems to have long disappeared.

    I would really love to to find one of these sets, no matter plastic or wood. I'd love the Staunton set, but I won't hold my breath. I also know about the Seirawan set, but that also seems to have evaporated. I prefer the archbishop/chancellor to the hawk/elephant anyhow. Please help me find some direction in this quest!

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    A Gothic set appears to be still available at The House of Staunton.

    I wouldn't call the Reykjavik II set a chess variant. It's just one of many styles of Staunton pieces.

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    Unfortunately, that's only the board. They used to offer the pieces as well:


    They're in the Reykjavik II style.

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    Chess0120 wrote:

    Unfortunately, that's only the board.

    Drats! Sorry, I didn't notice it was only the board. They used to have some nice looking Gothic and Seirawan sets. I'll take another look around.

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    I found this Grand Chess set, which is like Gothic but played on a 10 x 10 square board.

    I have to get back to work now. I'll try look around again later.

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    I'd always get a 10x10 European checkers board over a 10x8 board as that's a bit more practical and leaves more room for various other variants. And for Capablanca/Gothic chess just use four pieces from different looking chess sets. (If you're anything like me you have atleast 15 sets spread around the house and a couple spread across familymembers (that really don't like chess) just incase. So that shouldn't be a problem..)

    I too certainly wish these 10x8 variants were more popular. They're quite spectacular.

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    That grand chess board and its accompanying pieces are actually pretty awesome. It looks like it comes with modified knights too. I wonder if they were carved that way or if they began their journey as knights and had pieces glued on after the fact.

    I do have a a few sets, but I'm really into the artistry of the pieces too. If I were to find a particularly beautiful set, I would find a special table for it.

    So far so good! I hope there are even more quality shops buried somewhere in the deep reaches of the Internet.

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    I e-mailed HOS and the representative told me there's currently no plan to carry them in the future as there's no manufacturer.

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    The sets are now in stock at the house of staunton. The gothic chess board is also on sale for 29.99 I just got a set

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    any way to get it in europe? If i order from outside of eu, i have to pay taxes, which is like 100% of the prize O_O

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