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Wooden Chess Sets in India

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    mirasma wrote:

    The set that I have received from Chessbazaar is like no other set I have ever seen. And mind it, it is mid-range. The pictures cannot do justice to the pieces. The photos are not that great anyway, but you must see this in person. Mind blowing!

    mirasma, I ordered a travel set recently from House of Chess, a magnetized travel drawer/style set in this color (bloodwood).  It is beautiful, the only drawer-style set I have been able to find with this wood.  You have to be careful in that UV light exposure will cause the wood to darken considerably over the years.

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    brankz wrote:

    if it's from india, I don't want it. the pawns are usually all lesbians.

    Fine.  Send me all the lesbians you have!

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    It's me again. Those indian chess sets are through www.chesshouse.com. Like I said they are worth the money. Mine is handcrafted with rosewood and maple. They do some beautiful work. I can't remeber the model number but it folds. 12" and it comes with 4 knights; 2 queens and 2 extra pawns. It's also magnetic and they have strong magnets. I sometimes sit on the sofa with a chess book and the chess set sets right in my lap. They have some good quality craftsmanship. The shipping is a little high. Once you get one of these travel sets. You'll fall in love with it. You'll love their chess sets.

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    Again sorry for mistakingly (hijacking) posting on your thread. I was rushing to get to grandsons birthday party ( he loved his set by the way).

    He is the little one playing. I am the "senior" one watching.



    Fishnut, I know he'll enjoy the set.  I even enjoyed a cheap, painted-metal/plastic-pieces 3-or-4-in-1 folding chess set from the 70s when I was a kid.  Mine is in that format, a drawer model, though the board and pieces are of a different wood, and the pieces are a different style.  I'm sure he'll love this set and ALWAYS remember who it came from.

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    Jascias wrote:

    Hey guys....previous cell phone images of this set was posted in this thread, and since I have receive such set, wanted to share some higher res pics of it. I purchased it from Designer Chess. Its Boxwood & African Padadauk.

    Jascias, that is a BEAUTIFUL set!  The knight makes all the difference for me!  Let this be the LAST TIME that your set is exposed to direct sunlight like that again.  African Padauk, or Vermillion wood is very susceptible to color-darkening in exposure to sunlight.


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    Does anyone know if the World Championship Chess Set used in 2013 and 2014 is made in India?

    I've never worked out why it's so expensive. I mean, £200 for boxwood? And an uncomplicated design?

    Trouble is, I actually really like the design and the proportions of the pieces. I even like the design of the knight because it's unusual and quite angular, and it's like the horse is being seen from a new angle or a new stance.

    I'd never buy it for its current price, however.

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    ivanzypher wrote:

    Does anyone know if the World Championship Chess Set used in 2013 and 2014 is made in India?

    I don't know the definitive answer to that question, but based on information available online about SAC, they outsource manufacturing of their wooden sets to India:

    SAC, or Studio Ann Carlton, was first
    established in 1969 in Hull, Yorkshire. Traditionally all of their products were manufactured in the UK. However, in 2003 the company was sold to Traditional Games and some of their manufacturing was moved to China, with design and development remaining in the UK. In fact, all SAC line poly resin chess sets are currently being manufactured in China while their wooden chess sets are produced in India. 

    (source: http://www.regencychess.co.uk/blog/2012/11/studio-ann-carlton/ )

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    The WCC pieces, maybe the black pieces are made of Ebony? IJDK. If not  it's basically a rip-off, unlesse they are outfitted with electronics to be compatible with DGT boards?

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    TomHaegin wrote:

    The WCC pieces, maybe the black pieces are made of Ebony? IJDK. If not  it's basically a rip-off, unlesse they are outfitted with electronics to be compatible with DGT boards?

    They're made of boxwood, natural and stained black:


    At that link, click on "specifications".

    They have no electronics, though the ones used in the WCC were apparently fitted with electronics.

    I don't think that even House of Stauntion, with their notoriously high prices, would try to sell a 3.75" x 1.5" king, all-boxwood set with such a crude, deformed, throatless knight for anywhere near $320. In fact, HoS sells a 4" x 1.6" king, all-boxwood set with a decent looking knight, which even weighs slightly more than that FIDE set, for $109:


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    First of all, sorry for my english. Im from Spain.

    Im thinking in purchase a quality chess set. I played time ago, and Im starting to play again. I had a 30 years old plastic set and is time to renew the chess set.

    Its going to be in the living room table. So, I want it to be playable, but a little decorative too.

    As Im in Spain, I can't buy it stores you usually talk about from US.

    I like DGT timeless pieces set a lot, and I have found this set. I think is perfect to play, but not sure if there is enough decorative for a living room. http://latiendadeajedrez.com/piezas-de-madera/95-set-de-piezas-serie-campeonato-gama-economic-rey-96-cm.html  Those are made in India

    I little more decorative, but I think very playable (the desing was used in 1972 world champion), this one http://latiendadeajedrez.com/piezas-de-madera/356-piezas-de-ajedrez-serie-campeonatos-reykiavik-rey-95-cm.html  (from India)

    I like pentagram set too (World champion set)... but this knight not very much. http://latiendadeajedrez.com/ajedrez-oficial-wcc/399-ajedrez-serie-campeonatos-anand-vs-carlsen-chenai-2013-caja-de-pl%C3%A1stico-.html


    About the board, Im looking this three:

    I prefer straight lines, but this one looks pretty good:

    http://latiendadeajedrez.com/tableros-de-madera/123-tablero-de-ajedrez-palisandro-esq-45-mm-50-mm-55-mm.html  from India

    or this ebony one, if I choose ebony pieces set:

    http://latiendadeajedrez.com/tableros-de-madera/125-tablero-de-ajedrez-en-madera-de-ebano-esq-50-mm-.html from India

    I like the World championship board. And I think is made here in Spain:



    Are the timeless alike pieces enough decorative? (I havent see them in real world).

    What do you think about black and white boards? are they less playable than boj/brown wood?

    I think I like timeless, with WCC board the most. But what do you think? ebony or rosewood pieces to match this board?

    Thank you very much.

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    ivanzypher wrote:

    Does anyone know if the World Championship Chess Set used in 2013 and 2014 is made in India?


    I bought a set, and there is a sticker on the box which states "Made in India".  This label may be something the law requires for the American market.

    Personally, I think the set is excellent in every regard.  The piece proportions to one another and their weights are aesthetically pleasing, and the pieces have a nice, classic design.  In addition, much of the criticism of the Knights may not consider how these pieces look in person.  In person, they are menancing, and they feel very nice in the hand.

    Finally, there is no need to pay retail.  I was able to find the set with the board for $275.00.  I think I can sell the board for about $60.00 to $75.00, so that the price for the pieces is quite reasonable considering the competition.

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    MaximRecoil hat geschrieben

    They're made of boxwood, natural and stained black:

    They have no electronics, though the ones used in the WCC were apparently fitted with electronics.

    Well thanks, but then they definitely seem excessively expensive to me. Even nicely made, the wook is quite ordinary, in my opinion at least.

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    Big sale at designerchess on all Luxury sets till Dec, 10th.


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    Silvan wrote:

    I think they make the boards in other countries, because making flat, square things is relatively easy.  I have made several quite beautiful chess boards.  Making chessmen, on the other hand, is ridiculously difficult and evil.  I bought a miniature lathe for this express purpose, and after trying my hand at making a set, I quickly determined that chessmen from India are of exquisite quality, and an excellent bargain compared to the blood lost and the frustration of making a grotesque mockery of what should have been a thing of beauty.

    I still have my knight though.  I figured if I could work out how to make a knight, I could work out how to make the rest of the pieces.  I did work out how, but my execution was abysmal.  The horse looks more like a sick jackal.  I had that thing hidden away in a junk box for maybe 10 years.  I recently uncovered it and finished it with a beautiful garnet shellac (another excellent product from India), putting it on display as a reminder why I pay good money to let real craftsmen make chessmen from now on.

    May I have a look?

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    Just saw on chessbazaar fb page that they has launched a new 1929 Barcelona "Joc Catalan" Chess Set. The original chess set made somewhere around earlier 19th century. But I have no idea about the finish quality of this chess set, I guess that it is buff polished. I researched & found only chess museum has this chess set, if I am not mistaken. Thinking to buy this chess set set for my collection. Just hope it will be a good buy.



    Any suggestions ?

  • 5 months ago · Quote · #756


    It's an interesting set. I would say that it seems overpriced, though.

  • 5 months ago · Quote · #757


    I love it! 😎

  • 5 months ago · Quote · #758


    @FrankHelwig Yes, my first impression was about the price of this set. But this is an exclusive reproduction from chessbazaar & they did a pretty neat job. I research about this set on internet and no one is selling this. BTW, I spoke to CB & they informed me that the price is because of the wood and the king size. I never knew that size also matters in price evaluation. Anyways, I made a purchase as CB guys assured me that I will recieve the chess set before Christmas!! CoolLaughing Now, I'm excited to get this on Christmas and may gift this to my Dad :)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !! 

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