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Worst Chess Books!

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    fburton wrote:
    socialista wrote:
    royalbishop wrote:

    I think 12 people every year buy "Think Like a Grandmaster". Now thanks to this thread it will be down to 1.

    So sad that this thread came to late for me.

    You got no benefit from it at all? 

    I guess that I was too weak at that point to understand most of the positions in the book. 

    I was just starting to play and I only had 5 books:

    - a beginners book by an spanish author (Ricardo Aguilera)

    - An opening book by Ludek Pachman

    - Chess Master vs Chess Amateur by Euwe

    - Winning with the Scandinavian by Shaun Taulbut

    - Think like a Grand Master by Kotov

    As you can see, I didn´t have nothing really useful for somebody that is just learning the basics.

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    The exercises in Kotov's book are so good that even if he got the evaluations wrong, it is possible, using the techniques he recommended, to find the right continuations and evaluations. That's pretty high praise when you think about it.

    Every book, especially in the pre-computer era, has errors. Some of Kotov's analysis beats even today's engines. His books have been pilloried for decades, but they have also been used and studied by players who became masters, IMs, and even GMs. 

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    I have a book called "Play Chess" where the two authors play against each other and one of them blunders mate in 1.

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    They also say that e4 is always better than d4

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    "Play" is great.  His other two books can be dispensed with, clearly.

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