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Champion Tactics -- Interference lesson 12

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    I'm sort of stumped by this problem in "Champion Tactics with GM Wolff - Interference: Lesson 12" after white plays 1. Nd3, why doesn't black respond with 1...Bxd3 ? Then 2. Nb3+ is met with 2...axb3; otherwise, 2. Nc2+ Bxc2 3.Kxc2 leaves black with a rook and a pawn while white has absolutely nothing.  Am I missing something?  What is the correct response to the bishop taking the knight?

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    post the starting position

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    your looking at the board wrong I think, the black king is on a1 so after 1.Nd3 Bxd3 2.Nb3#, axb3 isn't possible pawns can't go backwards

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    Oh of course!  Thank you.

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