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a sharp way to play against the french defence?

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    "If you want to annoy French players a lot"  Interesting choice of words. Of all the adjectives I've heard applied to various openings, like 'dynamic', 'slow', 'drawish', 'boring', etc. I think the term 'annoying' is most often used to describe the French by people facing it. Why is that? Are d4 players annoyed by d6? Are English players annoyed by c3? I don't think so. I suppose if you really want to 'counter-annoy' an opponent you suspect is going to play a French, you could try 1.e3, but then black might trip you up and play 1...e5. Tongue Out

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    I'm annoyed by d6. In blitz I always play c4 e5 d5 and then on f5 realize that I don't like my position.

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