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a6 modern game at Wijk Aan Zee

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    I may well be losing my marbles, but I thought I remembered seeing someone win with the modern defence (a6 variation) at Wijk An Zee. I definitely saw the game posted on chess.com and looked through all the news articles referring to Wijk, but can't find it. If some kind soul out there has a link to this game, please could you post it.

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    I don't see any from Tata, but GM Chernyshov has notched a couple wins this month in tournaments in India with it (see TWIC).

    The .pgn files are available for the Wijk GM events, so if you want the games from GM "A" section, GM "B", or GM "C", you can get them all and check.

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    Thanks Estragon, I found it in the PGN file! Smeets vs Vachier-Lagrave in round 8. In case anyone's interested:

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    Makes sense. One rarely sees the modern played at that level. VL kicking the poor man when he's down!

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    Fezzik wrote:

    If you want to see some high-class endgame technique, study this R+P ending closely!

    It's well executed, but after 32 R4d6+ Black must end up with a passed pawn, and it becomes a question of technique which Vachier-Lagrave demonstrates efficiently.  While passivity is usually suicidal in Rook endings, White should bite the bullet and try 32 Rd2 to defend his Pg2.  It could hardly be worse than the game.

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