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Against QG

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    on the contrary, if black does their due dilgence and knows their lines its a tough nut to crack

    my main point was that its no panacea and nothing in chess is 

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    Zugzwang101 wrote:

    Last question: I have collected approximately 340 games in the closed variation of the Ruy Lopez. I have then organised these games into trees of analysis I have also gone over the general ideas behind the marshall, breyer, smyslov, and chigorigin. Problem is I am never going to be able to remember all these moves, am I doing something wrong or does it just take time to do so please help!

    You're doing somthing wrong. 

    When chess moves are just columns from a tree of variations, they're very hard to remember. 

    When they're logically motivated because you understand the underlying position, and how each move relates to the tactics and strategy inherent in the position, how it furthers your strategic aims, and so on, then they're easy to remember. 

    Rather than focus so much on an opening, work on your middlegame and endgame skills. 

    Memorizing a bunch of variations which lead you deep into complex positions will only result in you achieving a small advantage at the end of your opening preparation that you squander into a major disadvantage in - if you're lucky - five moves. I've seen games where people blow their advantage on the first move where they have to think for themselves because they don't understand the position. 

    Chess isn't memorization. 

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    Recently I have been seeing a chess coach that places a lot of emphasis on memorisation of openings, by doing so he believes that one will be able to see patterns forming during play. I have recently adopted this approach as it seems to make the most sense to me. Also I have borrowed an opening book on the Lopez Marshall attack and understanding the ideas behind moves, along with my tree of analysis, and memorization of what I learn to be the most helpful.

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