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Anand - Carlsen. Vote for opening: Game 1.

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    If Someone Offered You 3:1 Odds, in Favor of Carlsen, Who Would You Take?

    • My money would be on Magnus. (33%)
    • The smart money would be on Vishy. (27%)
    • Those odds are about right, so I'm not sure. (7%)
    • I'm a chess player, I don't have any money. (33%)

    Thank you! 1644 votes cast

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    bean_Fischer wrote:

    And the winner is Tao585. Game 1 is tricky with 1. Nf3 opening and lasted only in 16 moves. Tao585, good job.

    Trophy sent to Tao585 with a note.

    "Congratulation, Tao585, the winner of prediction of opening move of game 1 World Championship Match Carlsen - Anands. Hope this trophy will bring your chess skill to the highest. "

    Regards, Signed


    Thanks :)


    I wish everbody a good game for today. 

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