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Budapest Defense

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    Harbring3r wrote:

    Opening doesnt matter?Thats something new. Alright, I am rated a bit under 1800 FIDE right now, feel free to challenge me to unranked correspondence game where you will use your chessmaster playing latvian gambit as black. I am damn sure that i will reach position with winning advantage in those 20 moves.

    I have always played against chessmaster giving myself an hour and it fifteen minutes. If it was a correspondence game and you had several days per move to work with your analysis board you could probably hold out to move 20.

    Openings matter somewhat, but they aren't the decisive factor in games unless you and your opponents are at the level where you can consistently go those first 20 moves against Chessmaster unscathed in a normal time control game.

    Try it yourself, set up an engine to play against you any opening you think is sub-par in a normal time control game, not correspondence. You'll see how frustrating it is and how suddenly those bad openings seem quite good.

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    not good bad defense.

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    You can go to lichess and and set up a Latvian position to play against Stockfish 8. I don' t even think you need an account. Just click on "play against the machine" and select the variant of "from position".

    Though I will say the Stockfish engine there is weak, due to server limitations they only allow it about 1 second of analysis time per move. If you go to move 20 and have an advantage I'll be impressed, but since the AI is weak there I think your benchmark should be move 30. Also since the AI allows unlimited takebacks if you post the game here and it shows you're winning it won't really prove anything. So if you do this you're doing it for yourself, not for our benefit.

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    I thought this thread was about whether the Budapest is a good opening for tactical players, not how well do engines play.

    As IM John Cox (and many others) said, computers have shown that humans suck at tactics.

    Another way of putting it, "am I good at tactics? My computer says no."

    Who cares how well you play against a computer. What matters is how well you play against humans.

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    computers can defend any postition for example how did deeper blue beat Garry Kasparov. Its not worth playing a engine if u know ur going to lose set the engine to ur level if possible to make it fair

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    computers have unlimited strengh and caluculaton

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    This was a fun Budapest gambit blitz game miniature...

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    Nice Game

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