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Budapest Defense

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    This was a fun Budapest gambit blitz game miniature...

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    Nice Game

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    @pfren: I think there is a good reason to play Bf4 before Nf3. 3 Nf3 is met by 3... Bc4 forcing e3 and locking whites dark-square-bishy inside the pawn chain. And (if I remember correctly) winning the pawn back in an uncomplicated manner.

    Gelfand - Rapport 0-1:


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    in blitz game is normal weapon for yuor opponents

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    Well Good Sir, that was quick reply in this old thread!

    I did not wish to argue with you, nor did I intend to appear assertive. I wished only to contemplate different perspectives. So please let me restart completely by asking: in your line, if black goes for the bishop check you would intercept with 5 Bd2, yes? And is that the main reason for you to avoid 4 Bf4, is to avoid the permanent complications of the doubled c-pawns (or the temporarily cramped stuff after 5 Nbd2), am I correct? And if I may kindly ask you (instead of me) to speculate, what do you think GM Seirawan's motives be for very strongly preferring the afforementioned Bf4 ?

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    Seirawan has a saying that in chess there are "head-hunters and pawn-grubbers". He describes himself as a pawn-grubber, he really likes to take and keep pawns, and sometimes too he'll say "gifft me the pawn".

    This is probably why he chooses a line which keeps the pawn, it is based on his personal preference.

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