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Is C4 a good opening

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    pfren wrote:

    5.ed5 Nxd5 6.Nc3?! Nb4 and I can already smell a wandering king (unless you play something like 7.Be4 and swap your light-squared bishop for a knight at no positional gain at all).

    6.a3 must be better, but in this strange reversed Kan Sicilian the bishop is very well placed on c5.

    Fair enough, good points. Maybe I'll spend some time looking at 4. e3 d5 and see what a good response is, it seems like it shouldn't be a problem for white.

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    Have you people come to a cunclusion Yet?

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    Gentlemen the Queen.

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    i used to play e4, but know play d4 because thats what the queen plays..

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    a good chess engine can win using the grobe....

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    I am the Best Chess playing Dog in the world...Save none..even collies..

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