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New openings

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    hard for people to recommend something to you when they dont know your playstyle.

    what opening did you play for e4 

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    Recently I have discovered that I had "invented" a new opening, and I liked it. There was little I could find on it, but...then, after closer inspection, I realized I had not invented anything.


    I invented a couple of transpositions.

    Best case example is when someone plays d4 at me. For whatever reason, I decided to change it into the Sicilian, and do so regularly. However, there is a downside. I mention the transposition after the game, when asked, and rarely see it come back at me.

    That's not the downside.

    Usually the transposition I have chosen is an old line, and White can usually march three or four Pawns into the center (almost easily) and THAT is the downside.

    I love the hypermodern ideal and concept, but, dang. That's a tough nuit to crack for me.

    Maybe it can help you out...I dunno.

    1. d4  g3,  2. e4  c5, 3. c3? (also Nf3, and sometimes Bc4 systems) 3. .... cxd4, 4. cxd4  d5

    Fairly tightwire walking, sometimes, but, fun to play.

    SO...the answer to your question. Instead of looking for a "new" opening...maybe work on finding ways to transpose into your favorite game?

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    i like to play the Okelly variation of the sicilian and i play the kings gambit

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