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Open good bye letter for the spirit of d4

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    Grandmaster3141 wrote:
    motherinlaw wrote:

    Dear ,

    Stop pretending you're me.  There's only one of me.

    Yours Truly,


    Dear ,

    You're not the real Slim Shady. Get out of this site.

    Yours truly,


    I Swear, you guys, that if I had, right now, even the Tiniest Inkling of what all these last 20 or so exchanges here were About (including, and especially, my own entries) --- well, I'm just saying that .... that If I Did, I would absolutely say something Right Here ---  something So Incredibly Pertinent and wise and witty that it would leave every last one of you utterly Stunned and Speechless with admiration! .... Trust me.  I am not kidding.

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    Yeah it is a little hard to follow.

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    Ah, now I get it!  Thanks!

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    Dear Yell,

    Are you always constipated or what? You sicken me.

    Yours truly,


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    Dear Embarassed,

    I'm pretty sure you can get an ointment for that.  Let's just hope it's not rubella.

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